Prayer For End Of School Year

Prayer for end of school year: Prayer for end of school year is the perfect prayer to say when burdens and troubles seem too hard to bear. God will help you with all your problems, especially at the end of a school year at university, college, high school or junior high school. Use this prayer to help you overcome all your worries and feel the peace that comes from our loving God. In a typical School Year, Our school students and staff make huge preparations for the End of School year. To reward them for their hard work and devotion; we are publishing here a Prayer for the End of School year 2017. Through our Prayer for End of School year 2017, you can thank the Almighty for blessing our students with knowledge during the year and award medals to every student as a token of appreciation for them. Hey there. Congratulations on surviving another year of school with your sanity intact! We survived yet another crazy year at school! I know that you must be tired, but hold on a minute before you collapse onto your bed. There is something that I want to give you. Dear God, thank you for the year that was and the new one before us. Thank you for this day that we get to spend with family and friends before going back to routine and responsibilities. Let us be inspired by each other.

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Prayer to End the School Year

end of the year prayer message

Dear God,

I pray for the end of this school year. I pray that our teachers will be able to spread their knowledge and wisdom to us, and that we will be able to absorb it all and be ready for next year with new skills and insights.

I know that there are many challenges ahead of us—challenges to overcome and lessons to learn. But I also know that you are with us every step of the way. You help us find what we need at just the right time, and you guide us as we make decisions that affect our lives.

So please continue to work in our lives as we prepare for summer break and beyond. We need your guidance now more than ever!

Dear God,

We come to you in prayer today for the end of the school year. We pray for our students, that they may enter into their summer with a deep sense of joy, appreciation and gratitude for the gift of learning. We pray that they will use their summer to reflect on what they have learned this year and how it will impact them in the future. We pray that they will be able to acknowledge their own strengths and weaknesses as learners, so they may better understand how they can become better students in the future.

We pray that our teachers will use this time wisely to prepare themselves for next year, taking time to reflect on what worked well this year, what didn’t work well and why it didn’t work well. We ask you to provide them with clarity in addressing these issues so that they may make changes that will positively impact their teaching practice next year.

We ask all of these things in your name, dear God. Amen

Dear God,

I pray that you give me the strength to remember my lessons and apply them in my life. I pray that you give me the courage to do what is right even if no one else is.

I pray that you protect me from harm, but also allow me to make my own mistakes so that I can learn from them.

And finally, I pray for wisdom and guidance as I end this school year and prepare for the next one. Amen

Dear God,

Please grant me the strength to finish this school year strong. Please help me to get through all of my finals and not procrastinate. Please help me to do my work well, and please help me to remember that you are always with me.

I pray that you will bless all of my teachers, and give them wisdom as they teach us so much about life and how to live it well. I pray that you will bless all of my fellow students, who are also trying to learn about life and how to live it well. Help us all remember that we are better together than apart.

And finally, God, please make sure that my parents get home safely every day after work without traffic jams or accidents like last week when they almost missed dinner because of a broken down car on the highway! Thank you for listening to my prayer today!

Dear Lord,

I am grateful to be in your presence. I thank you for my family, friends, and teachers this year. I thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow. Please bless me with a good grade on my final exams and let me pass with flying colors. Please give me wisdom when it comes time to make decisions about college. Let me find a school that is right for me and help guide me through this next chapter of life. In Jesus name I pray


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