Prayer For End Of Life

Prayer for end of life: A prayer for end of life is a prayer for when you need to fight for your own life and for recovery. A prayer for end of life is a prayer that asks you not to give up yourself. You can not give up or abandone yourself in any circumstaces. In the midst of hopelessness, the death could be forced on you or occur naturally. The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming at such a time. Dear God, please bring me peace at the end of my life. My time here is running out and I am afraid that I have wasted it by not doing what you have called me to do. Please help me to find that purpose in the next months of my life. Help me to have an ending befitting your will for my life. We need to pray for the sick, even if they have a terminal illness. We also need to pray that they would see people and events as God wants them to be seen. If a person is dying soon, they could be sent out at any time; they could die while they are eating or sleeping, or maybe praying. When you have nothing else to do in life, remember to pray for God’s mercy on those who are dying. As you are familiar, every day millions of people die in every corner of the world. Death takes place in various ways as falls in mountains, car accidents, and even as a result of diseases. Many of these people have lost all hopes. Numerous churches and organizations claim they offer healing and salvation to the public. However, they do not deal with prayers for end of life or the matters related to it.

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prayer for family of dying person

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end of life prayers catholic

Thank you for the gift of life.

Thank you for the gift of breath.

Thank you for the gift of touch.

Thank you for the gift of sight.

Thank you for the gift of hearing.

Thank you for the gift of taste and smell.

Thank you for the gift of mobility, strength, and dexterity.

Thank you for the gift of memory and wisdom.

We praise your goodness as we prepare to receive your mercy in death, knowing that our final end will be with your Son Jesus Christ, who lives forevermore in glory with God the Father and Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen

Dear God,

I am coming to the end of my life and I am scared. I know that you have a plan for me and that you will take care of my family and friends. Please help them through this difficult time. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help them through this.

Please heal me as much as possible while still allowing me to die with dignity so that my family won’t have to see me suffer. Please let them be able to remember me as a strong person who was willing to face death with courage and grace.

I love you, God, and I know that you love me too. Thank you for all your blessings in my life, both big and small.

Dear God,

I ask for your presence as I approach my end. I know that you are with me, as you have been throughout my life. As I lay here, I cannot help but feel a deep sense of peace. I know now that this is where I am supposed to be: resting in your arms.

I am ready to let go of this life and enter into your kingdom. Please guide me through this transition and make sure that all of my loved ones are taken care of in this time of grief.

Thank you for being with me, always.

Dear God,

We come to you with the hope that you will guide us through these trying times. We know that there is no pain that is too great for you to heal, no wound too deep for you to mend. Please help us find peace and comfort in the midst of our sorrows. We know that your love is bigger than any suffering we may face in this life, and we look forward to seeing you in paradise.

In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for your divine blessings in this time of grief and despair. We are mourning the loss of our beloved friend and family member, [name].

We hope you will help us find comfort in the knowledge that she is now with you, and that she is safe. We know that her spirit will remain here on earth, living on through her loved ones and through the good deeds she has done. We pray that you will allow us to continue being inspired by her example, so that we may continue doing good in this world.

Please give us strength as we mourn, and let us know how we can best honor her memory. Thank you for hearing our prayers.

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