Prayer For Emotional Strength

Prayer for emotional strength is one of the commonest prayers. Many people are engaged in this type of prayer. It also has its risks and ambiguities, because it aims not to get emotional strength but provide it. You can also find out more information on “prayer for strength during difficult times” “prayer for emotional healing and strength”, as well as “prayer for strength and protection”.

The Bible instructs Christians to be strong in their faith and to not lean on their own understanding. When we fail to make that distinction, God will allow us to encounter situations in which we rely on ourselves rather than on God to see us through those situations. The result? We relinquish our faith, the Holy Spirit quits helping us, and emotions take over. Such a time is when you need a prayer for emotional strength to encourage you and keep you focused on God’s promise of a better day!

prayer for emotional strength

Prayer for Mental Illness

Dear Lord,

I ask for your guidance and strength as I prepare to deal with my emotions. I know that life is not easy, and that I will be faced with challenges.

Please give me the strength to do what is right, no matter how difficult or scary it may seem. Help me to have faith in myself, and trust that you are always there to guide me in whatever situation I find myself in.

Help me to remember that there are others who are struggling too, and remind me that we can all help one another through our struggles. Give me the courage to reach out to others when they need it most.


Dear God,

I am struggling right now. I find myself in the middle of a difficult situation and I am not sure what to do. Please be with me as I navigate this situation, help me to make good decisions, and give me courage and strength to get through it. Thank you for all of the blessings in my life, especially the blessing of family and friends who are there for me when I need them most. Amen

Dear God,

I know that I am not alone, and that you are with me. And it is in this knowledge that I draw strength.

Help me to love myself as you do, so that I may stand up for what is right and true in this world. Help me to be honest and admit when I am wrong, and let all of my actions be guided by your wisdom, so that they might help others in their own journeys toward self-discovery. Let me embrace my emotions without fear, knowing that they are just as important a part of who I am as my thoughts and actions; let me find a way to harness them instead of letting them control me or hold me hostage from taking action on things that need attending to in my life.

Give me strength when I feel weak; give me courage when I am afraid; give me peace when I am troubled by uncertainty. And please Lord God, help me always remember: You are always watching over us—and we are never truly alone!

Dear God,

Please help me to be strong and to show grace to others in the face of adversity.

Help me to be kind, and to listen carefully, even when it’s difficult. Help me to find the strength it takes to keep going when things get rough. Help me not to judge others harshly or make assumptions about their intentions.

Help me to remember that we are all just doing our best and trying our hardest—even when we fail, or when others fail us. Let me see each person as a person like myself, who deserves kindness and compassion above all else.

Please help me to be patient with myself as well as others. Help me not only learn from my mistakes but also forgive myself for them, so that I can move forward with confidence and humility.

Help me remember that you are always there for me, even when I forget or doubt that fact—and let your presence guide my every action so that they are always in line with your will for my life.


I pray for the strength to feel my feelings and the wisdom to understand why I feel them.

I pray that I can be open with myself and others, even when it is uncomfortable.

I pray that I can trust myself to know what I need at any given moment, and that I will have the courage to ask for it.

I pray that I can be kind to myself and others, especially when we are vulnerable.

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