Prayer For Emotional Pain

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Prayer for emotional pain – The Almighty Lord’s prayer is sufficient to overcome any form of emotional pain and hurt. If you have problems with depression, self-esteem issues, fears, self-doubts, marriage issues or family issues, dear Lord Jesus invites you to approach him and be free from these pains and sorrows.

Prayer for emotional pain

Prayer for Emotional Abuse -

Dear God,

I pray for emotional pain. I pray that you would heal my heart and release me from all the hurt that I have experienced in life. I pray for peace, healing, and comfort for all who are suffering from emotional pain. Amen

Dear God,

I pray for my friend [name] who is suffering from emotional pain. Please help him/her to feel comforted and safe. I ask that you heal them of any wounds they may have received from others, and give them the courage to move forward in their lives. Let them know that when life gets hard, it is your will for them to grow stronger and stronger with each challenge. Please help my friend [name] to find the strength within themselves so they can continue to live their best life possible.


Dear God,

I know that you are watching over me, and I pray that you will help me with this pain I am feeling. I have been through so much in my life, and sometimes it feels like nothing can heal the pain that I feel inside. I just want to be able to love again and make friends who care about me. That is all that matters in this world: having people who love you for who you are and what you stand for. It is very hard for me to trust anyone because of my past experiences with people who were selfish and only cared about themselves. They would hurt me just to get what they wanted out of life; they never thought about how their actions would affect others around them.

Please help me find peace within myself again so that I may start over from scratch one day soon without any regrets holding me back from doing so; Amen

Dear Lord,

I know that you are always with me and I want to thank you for that. I ask that you would comfort me in this time of pain and sorrow. I know that sometimes we need a reminder of what is important and what is not. I ask that you would help me to remember that my family, my friends, and my health are what matter most to me. Thank you for being there for me during this time of grief. Please give me strength to get through this tragedy and help me find peace within myself again.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Dear God,

I know that I have brought this pain on myself. I have hurt myself and others. I have allowed my pain to control me, and in doing so I have hurt myself and others. Now is the time for me to change that. I am ready to let go of my anger and resentment, and ask you for your forgiveness.

Please help me heal from the pain of my past so that I can move forward into a better future. Give me strength to overcome my challenges today and every day hereafter.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen!

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