Prayer For Doctors’ Hands

Prayer for doctors’ hands is extremely necessary. In fact, most medical practitioners would agree that they cannot do without God’s help in their daily lives. It is the belief that prayer gives them the much-needed energy and enthusiasm to go on with their practices. Articles on topics like “prayer for doctors’ protection”, “short prayers for doctors”, and “prayers for doctors before surgery” are also available on our blog.

It’s funny when you realize doctors have busy hands. They do a lot of stuff on their own. They’re definitely the ones to call when you’re feeling less well. On the other hand, there are many forms of professions in this world aside from medicine, and having a busy hand isn’t something we can relate to. No worries though, because we’ve composed a list of best prayers for doctors’ hands that will be sure to help you get well soon from the bottom of your heart. So get well soon!

Prayer for doctors’ hands

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Dear God,

We pray for the hands of doctors, who are called to heal. We ask that you guide them in their work and grant them wisdom to know what is truly needed. Amen

Lord, please bless the hands of doctors and surgeons.

Grant them the strength to heal, the wisdom to know what is best for their patients, and the courage to follow through on their decisions.

Please pray for all doctors, especially those who are working during this time of illness.

Dear Lord,

We thank you for the doctors who care for us. We thank you for their dedication and their skill. We pray that they will continue to be a blessing in our lives, and that they will have wisdom and strength as they work to heal us.

We pray also for those who have no such doctors. We ask that you would comfort them in their need, and give them hope that they will find the care they need.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

Dear God,

We thank you for the doctors who are working hard to heal the sick and injured. We pray that you will guide them in their work and give them strength to do all they can. Please protect them from any harm as they care for these people who need their help. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Dear Lord,

Please protect the doctors and nurses who are working hard to help people around the world. Help them to continue to be kind and compassionate in their work. Give them the strength and wisdom they need as they care for others. Keep them safe as they travel through difficult environments, and give them a clear mind so that they can focus on what is most important in their work.


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