Prayer For Divorce Settlement

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Prayer for divorce settlement

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Dear God,

I come before you to ask for your help and guidance in this matter. I know that it is within my power to make whatever decision I want regarding this divorce settlement, but I also know that it will have a great impact on the rest of my life.

I ask that you give me the wisdom and strength to make the right choice for myself and my family, even if it means taking a smaller share than what I would like. I know that sometimes being generous is more important than being greedy and getting everything you want.

I ask for your understanding when others act in ways that are not in accordance with your will for them or for me. Please help me see them as children who need guidance from those who love them most—including myself. And please help me to forgive them when they make mistakes because they are only human beings just like me—fallible creatures who are trying their best but still need help from time to time!

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for being there with us every day of our lives; thank you for loving us unconditionally; thank you for saving us from sin; thank you for dying on the cross so that we can be reconciled back into good standing with

Dear God,

I pray for a favorable divorce settlement for my client. I ask that you guide the judge in making the right decision, and that the outcome will be in accordance with your will. We pray that our client will be able to move forward with her life and find peace in knowing she has done all she can to ensure her rights are preserved. We pray that our client’s ex-husband will take responsibility for his actions, and that he will be held accountable for his past transgressions. We pray that he will come to understand how much he has hurt his wife and children, and that he will regret the pain he has caused them by being unkind and unloving towards them. We pray that he will find a way to repair their relationship so they can move forward together as a family unit once again; we believe this is possible if only everyone involved takes a step back from their anger and frustration long enough to see where things went wrong. In Jesus’ name I pray amen

Dear Lord,

We come before you today in the hopes of receiving your guidance and protection as we work through this difficult time. We are asking for a fair divorce settlement, one that will allow us to move forward with our lives without undue hardship.

Please give us the strength to stand up for ourselves and not be taken advantage of by our former partner. Please also give us the strength to forgive them for any wrongdoing they may have done to us during our marriage. And please help us remember that there is no right way or wrong way to handle this situation, only what is best for each individual couple.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Dear Lord,

I know that you are the creator of all things and that you have a purpose for every person. I pray that you will show me what my purpose is and help me to find it.

I ask for your guidance as I go through this divorce process. I pray that you will give me wisdom in making decisions about how to handle the finances of our household, custody of our children, and other matters related to our divorce.

I ask for strength as we navigate this difficult time together, knowing that our marriage has not been working out as well as either of us would have liked. I ask that you bless us with love and peace as we work through these issues so that we can move forward into new beginnings with clarity and calmness of mind.

Dear God,

I ask for your guidance as I face this difficult time. I know that you have a plan for me and my family, but I am struggling to see it right now. Please help me to trust the process and be strong when I feel weak.

Please watch over my children in their transition from one home to another. Help them to find peace in their new living situation and remind them that we will always be a family, no matter where we live or who our parents are.

Help me to be an example of Christ-like love to my ex-husband during this time of transition. May we all find ways to give and receive grace during these next few months as we navigate through this tough season.

And finally, please help us all remember why we chose each other in the first place: because you drew us together, because you created us as one flesh, because you made us for one another (Genesis 2:24). Remind us that a marriage is meant to last forever—even when it doesn’t seem like it can survive at all—and help us keep looking forward with hope instead of backward with regret or forward with fear or anger or resentment or bitterness or guilt or any other kind of negative emotion that would

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