Prayer For Divine Order

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Prayer For Divine OrderWhen we pray, like Saint Paul, do we pray with understanding? With a knowledge of what we are asking? What is the essence of prayer? First, it is a petition. Second, and distinctly different than making a request, it involves more than just our request. It is more than just “please” or “thank you.” When we pray for divine order, what does that mean? It means to speak to God as He deserves to be spoken to; not as if we were rude but rather respectful, and mindful that what we say reflects on Him and not us.

prayer for divine order

Prayer: Divine Order - Prayables

Dear God,

I come before you today to ask for divine order. I ask that you help me to find it in my life and the lives of those around me. Help me to understand that there is a reason for everything, even when it doesn’t make sense. Help me to find peace in the midst of chaos, and to know that you are working out your plan in my life even when it feels like all is lost.

Help me also to learn from my mistakes, and accept responsibility for them. Teach me what I need to know in order to move forward into the next chapter of my life, with confidence and hope that we will all be okay in the end.

I thank you for hearing my prayer today, and for always being there for us when we need you most. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!

Dear God,

I want to thank you for the divine order that you have set up in my life. I know that it is for my own good and for the good of those around me.

I pray that you continue to help me maintain my focus on your plan for me, and help me resist the temptation to get caught up in thinking about what other people are doing with their lives. Please show me how to use this time of waiting to grow closer to you, so that when my time comes, I will be ready to accept your call on my life with joy and gratitude.

God, I pray for the divine order of my life.

I ask that you help me to see what is truly important, and to prioritize it. I ask that you guide me in my relationships with others and with myself. Help me to be patient with myself and others and remember that we are all works in progress.

I pray that you help me to accept criticism from others without taking it personally or letting it adversely affect my self-worth. I pray that you help me to understand where I am going wrong and how to fix it before it becomes a bigger problem for myself or others around me.

Help me keep my priorities straight so that I may grow into a more mature version of myself every day.

Dear Lord,

Please help me to know that everything is in divine order. Help me to trust that the right people will come into my life at the right time and place, and that I will be able to recognize them when they do.

Help me to remember that there is a reason for every delay, disappointment, loss and illness, and that there is also a reason for every success, gain, happiness and healing. Help me to remember that nothing happens by chance—everything happens because it needs to happen in order for me to learn something or grow as a person.

Help me to remember that even though I may not understand why things happen the way they do now or why some people are experiencing difficulties while others are experiencing success or happiness; there is always a divine plan behind all of this which cannot be seen by human eyes or understood by human minds.

Help me to understand that everything happens for a reason—even if we don’t see it at first; even if it doesn’t seem fair; even if it takes years before we can see what purpose these events have served on our lives or other people’s lives; even if it seems like there’s no purpose at all!

Dear God,

I pray that you will help me to find a job in the field of my choice. I ask that you protect me from financial stress and provide for me through the good times and bad. I also pray that you will guide me to make wise decisions in all areas of life. Please help me to remember that everything happens for a reason and that you have a plan for my life. Finally, I pray that my family will be safe and healthy as well. Amen

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