Prayer For Discipleship

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Prayer for discipleship is shorter in length, but rich in the scriptural and theological insights necessary to help disciples become multiplying disciples. Pray without ceasing asks us to realize that we are called to pray. The Commandment of Love refers to loving others is a way that is commanded and defined by God. To Increase and Multiply, which is an allusion to the multiplication miracle at Massah and Meribah, teaches us how we can become effective multipliers of the Kingdom led by Jesus. The final discipline, Study, is closely tied with learning the word of God. When followers of Christ study the word of God they will be strengthened in their Faith and actions.

prayer for discipleship

prayer for discipleship — following Jesus

Lord, I come to you today with a prayer for discipleship.

I have been blessed with many friends and mentors who have helped me grow as a person and in my faith. I pray that you will continue to bless me with more friends who are ready to partner with me on the journey of faith.

I pray that these new relationships will be built on mutual trust and respect, so that we can learn from each other and grow together in Christ.

I also pray that you would give me the wisdom to recognize when it is time to let go of relationships that no longer serve my spiritual growth. Help me to be kind and gracious even as difficult decisions must be made, knowing that this is part of your plan for my life.

And finally, Lord God Almighty—you know what it means to walk with others through difficult times; teach me how to walk alongside others in their struggles so that they might find comfort in our common humanity. Amen

We pray for discipleship, that you would guide us and teach us the ways of your love. We pray that we might be discipled through all of our relationships, from those closest to us to those in communities, from those who know us best to those who see our worst and offer hope. We pray for the guidance of your Spirit as we seek out opportunities for discipleship in every place we find ourselves.

We pray for discernment and wisdom as we seek out opportunities to serve others. We pray that you would grant us opportunities to serve in ways that are meaningful, intentional and sustainable. We pray that even when we feel overwhelmed by the needs of others, you would give us strength and courage to do what is right in your name.

We pray for humility—for the humility it takes to listen well; the humility it takes to know when it’s time to speak up; the humility it takes to say “I don’t know” with confidence; the humility it takes not only acknowledge our own mistakes but also learn from them; and most importantly, the humility it takes not only listen with our ears but also listen with our hearts so that we might hear your still small voice calling out through others’ words.

We pray


We ask that you would give us the grace to follow you and to fully dedicate ourselves to your will. We pray for all those who are called to serve in your name, that they would be faithful and committed to your purpose.

We ask that you would bless the work of those who are called to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ, that they may shine forth as lights in this world.

We ask that you would strengthen us in our faith and our commitment, so that we might be more effective servants in your kingdom.

We pray for all those who are seeking God and looking for a community of faith where they feel welcome and accepted. May they find their way into this church family, where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

God of all creation, thank you for being with us today and always. Help us to be faithful disciples who love one another as Jesus loves us, so that we may share his love with others. Bless this congregation with wisdom and understanding as it seeks ways to serve you better: through its outreach efforts; through its worship; and through its ministries within the community at large—through all these things may our lives shine forth as lights in darkness (Phil 2).

Father, we come to you today to ask for your guidance in our discipleship. We pray that you will continue to reveal yourself to us and that we will continue to grow in your ways. We pray that you will help us see ourselves for who we really are: Your children who have been given the gift of being able to choose between good or evil, right or wrong, light or darkness. We thank you for this gift and pray that we will use it wisely.

We also ask that you help us see others as your children too. Help us remember that each human being has been given a unique set of gifts and talents from you, Father, and we should respect those gifts instead of trying to take them away from others in order to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. We pray that every person’s gift will be recognized by others so they can go out into the world with confidence knowing they have something important to offer because of who they are as individuals—not because someone else thinks they’re more important than anyone else!

Finally, we ask that you strengthen our relationships with one another by helping us understand where each person is coming from so we can build bridges between groups rather than walls between them. Help us see how much we need each other because

Dear God,

Please help me to be a good disciple of Jesus Christ. Please help me to be kind, loving, and patient. Help me to always put others before myself. Help me to see this world as a place where you can make a difference in people’s lives. Please help me to always strive for your will over my own and not let anything stop me from doing what is right. Let my life reflect your love for all people, no matter their race or gender or age or any other trait that makes them different from me. I pray that you would use me as one of your vessels to bring your love into this world and show others who they really are: children of God like you and me! In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen!

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