Prayer For Discernment In The Bible

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Prayer for discernment in the Bible – Find a verse for prayer for discernment. Prayers for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and discernment from the Bible.

prayer for discernment in the bible

Bible Verses about Discernment

Jesus, I come to you asking for discernment in my life. Please help me to know what is good and right, and to do it. Help me to know when temptation is upon me, and give me strength to resist it. You are my Lord and Savior, and I thank you for your guidance. Amen

Lord, I ask you to help me to discern the truth from lies. Please give me the wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong. Help me to make decisions that will lead me to a happy and fulfilling life.

Thank you for listening to my prayer.

Lord, help us to discern the path you have laid out for us.

Give us wisdom in our words and actions, that we may not be deceived by the lies of others or ourselves.

Guide us to make decisions based on love, not fear.

Help us to see beyond what is visible and into the deeper reality of who we are and what we can become.

Lead us to wisdom and truth so that we may serve you well as your disciples.


I ask for your guidance in all matters. I know that you have a plan for me and my family, but sometimes I feel lost, and I don’t know what to do. Please guide me through this time of confusion, and help me to find the path that will bring us all closer to you. Amen.

Dear Lord, please grant me the wisdom to make the right choice.

-Psalm 119:105

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