Prayer For Discernment

Prayer for discernment should be considered a spiritual course of study. If we are not aware or knowledgeable about all the different aspects of prayer, we cannot develop our own prayers that reflect Christ’s heart words. We provide all the necessary information you need on “praying for discernment bible verses” “prayer for discernment in making a decision” and “simple prayer for discernment”.

It is good to have a conversation before you make any big decision to make sure you are going the right way. If you are looking for the right decision, look no more. Here we have put together the best collection of prayers for discernment so that you will get what you want. This includes, prayer for wisdom and guidance

prayer for discernment

A Prayer for Discernment | helloHOPE


I come to you today with a heavy heart. I am in need of discernment. I know that you are the only one who can give me the wisdom and guidance I need to make this decision, so I ask that you guide my thoughts and feelings today. I pray that you help me focus on what is best for myself and those around me, rather than what feels good at the moment or what will make me feel better about myself.

I know that sometimes it’s difficult to see what is truly best for us when we’re so caught up in our own emotions or desires for the future, but I believe that you want the best for me, too—and that means helping me find clarity about what steps to take next so that I can do what needs to be done without feeling like it’s too much effort on my part or because someone else told me to do it.

Help me see clearly today, Lord—and help me act wisely as well!

Lord, please help me to discern the difference between what is true and what is not.

Help me to know when someone is lying to me or trying to deceive me in some way.

If it’s a sin, please give me the strength to resist it.

If it’s not, please give me the courage to fight for my beliefs and stand up for what I believe in.

Dear Lord,

I am often overwhelmed by the amount of information and options I face in my life. I know that you have a plan for me, but I feel so lost without your guidance.

There are so many things I want to do, and I’m not sure how to decide what’s right for me. Please help me find the way forward and give me wisdom so that I can make good decisions about my future.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who created us and gave us discernment.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who has made us in your image and redeemed us from the depths of sin.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth and for the sake of your name has sent him upon the church.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who sent your only-begotten Son into this world to reveal your truth to all mankind.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, who revealed yourself to Moses in Egypt and spoke through him to all his people; in Egypt as well as throughout Palestine; through Moses’ brother Aaron; through Joshua son of Nun; through Deborah and Barak; through David; through Samuel and Nathan; through Elijah on Mount Carmel; through Elisha at Jericho; through Isaiah in Jerusalem; through Jeremiah at Anathoth in Samaria; through Ezekiel among the captives at Babylon; through Daniel among the lions’ dens in Babylon; though Micah’s vision at Moresheth Gath near Michmash in Judah; though Amos’ prophecy at Tekoa near Bethlehem

Dear God,

I come before you today with a question: should I move to New York City or San Francisco?

I know that this is a big decision and that there are many factors that go into choosing where to live. However, there is one factor that seems to be the most important in my mind—and that factor is beer.

If I were to move to New York City, I would have access to some of the best beers in the world. But if I were to move to San Francisco, I would have access to some of the best IPAs in the world. And while I love IPAs as much as anyone, there are only so many IPAs a person can drink before their taste buds get bored and start craving something else—like a porter or an ale or maybe even just a Budweiser.

Which brings me back around again: should I move here or there? In your wisdom and mercy, guide me in my decision-making process so that I may make a choice that is pleasing unto you and beneficial for my family and friends who will have no doubt been affected by this decision as well. In Jesus’ name we pray; amen

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