Prayer For Depressed Person

Prayer for the depressed person: It takes prayer for the depressed person to change their perspective. Prayer for depressed people should concentrate on boosting their sense of self-worth and confidence, changing their negative outlook, supporting a positive outlook on life, and enhancing their social interactions with friends, family, and the community. To get right to the point, you need to pray. You need to pray for yourself and your loved ones without condemnation and without fear. You need to pray because you can’t fix your problems with your own hands. You can’t work hard enough to make it happen.

God is the only one who can and will fix them for you. Maybe you’re out of a job, or your spouse left you for another person, or maybe you have addictions that have taken over your life, or maybe you’re worried about paying rent or keeping food on the table. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, you need Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in your life. When any trial comes into your life — no matter how big — take it to God in prayer and let Him help you through it all!

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how to pray for someone with depression

3 Prayers for Depression and Anxiety

prayers for depressed daughter

Dear God,

I pray for [name] who is suffering from depression. Please bring peace and healing to his/her heart. Please give him/her the strength to endure this difficult time. Help him/her feel your love, comfort, and hope. Amen

Dear Lord,

I pray for [name], who is suffering from depression. I pray that you will ease their suffering and deliver them from their pain. Please let them know that they are loved and cared for by their family and friends. Remind them of their worth in your eyes and give them hope that one day they will be healed completely.

I ask these things in Jesus’ name.

Dear God,

I pray for [name of person]. I pray that you would help him/her find peace, hope and joy in this world. Please God, give him/her the strength to fight through this difficult time. Help him/her feel your love surrounding them with your grace and mercy. In Jesus name we pray amen

Dear Lord,

Please help [person’s name] find peace and happiness.

It is my hope that this prayer will bring you comfort, and that it will help ease your pain.

I ask that you look over [person’s name] in the coming days and weeks, and that you guide them to a place of peace and joy.

Dear Lord, we come before you today to pray for our friend [name]. We ask that you bring them peace, comfort, and hope. Guide them to you, and help them to know that you are bigger than any of their trials.

You have given us everything we need in this life: family, friends, and a world full of beauty. Help us to remember these things when we feel discouraged or overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

We pray for [name]’s safety and health; give them strength for whatever lies ahead. Help them to remember that there are people who love them and want the best for them.

Keep [name] safe from harm, but let them know that only through Christ can they find true healing from within their heart. We ask that you guide us all closer to You today so that we may be better prepared to help those around us who may need our support more than ever before.

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