Prayer For Deploying Soldier

Prayer for deploying soldier: There are roughly 700,000 people living on military bases in the United States. Also, using a statistic from, there are between 50 and 100 service members who die in combat each year. The U.S. Army alone has over 500,000 soldiers making it the biggest branch of the armed forces. While 94 percent of these soldiers will never face combat on overseas missions, an extreme 2 percent do. Since most enlist when they’re very young (18-24 years old), many have to leave behind families and friends when they’re deployed to dangerous areas like Iraq or Afghanistan. Because of this, many stationed at bases in America attend church services during their free time or conduct prayer sessions with other members of their platoon. And while these religious men and women may risk their lives daily to secure freedom around the globe, they also put their lives — literally — in God’s hands by praying for protection (Psalm 91).

We pray for deployed soldiers, that our Lord God will comfort them in all the problems and difficulties they have. We pray for their protection and for the safe return to their families. In the Name of God. Amen.

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prayer for a soldier friend

Dear Lord,

I pray for the solider who is about to deploy. Please watch over him and keep him safe. Let his mission be successful, and let him return home in one piece.

And Lord, I pray for the family of this soldier. Please comfort them in their time of need, and give them strength to get through this difficult time. May they know that you are with them always, even when we cannot see you with our human eyes.


Dear Lord,

I pray that you will watch over this soldier while they are deployed. I ask that you give them strength, courage and peace in the midst of all they face. Please provide them with a safe return home. I pray for their family and friends who are waiting for them as well. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear Lord,

We pray for our Soldier, who is leaving us to go fight in the war. We pray that you guide them and protect them, and bring them back to us safely. We pray for their family, who will be worried about them while they are gone. Please comfort them, and help them understand that their soldier is doing what they do because they love their country. We pray that all of our soldiers would come home safely. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Dear God,

We ask that you keep [name] safe during their deployment. We know that this will be a difficult time for them and their family. We also ask that you give them the strength to do what they need to do in order to protect our country. And finally, we pray that they be returned safely home.


Dear God,

We are humbly asking for your guidance and protection as our son embarks on this deployment. We know that you have a plan for us all, and we trust in your wisdom. Please keep our son safe and bring him home to us soon. Amen.

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