Prayer For Child’s First Day Of School

Prayer for child’s first day of school: Praise be to God who has given us this good day of grace. We are here today to celebrate the graduation ceremony of our son, David, as he resumes his schooling after a short summer vacation. As the youngest among us, he is the pride and joy of our family. Because we have here with us not just his family but also his friends, I am sure that you too will pray for him today on his first day of school once again. You’re scared and you don’t know when it started. You wish you could turn back the hands of time. But, let’s continue on with the prayers for child’s first day of school. Place your hands on top of your child’s head and pray the following prayer,

Not just for the children, the first day of school is an important occasion. Parents may also feel uneasy. This sincere prayer for a child’s first day of school gives a moving approach to find bravery and fortitude for yet another academic year.

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First Day of School Prayer

Dear God,

I pray for my child’s first day of school. Please bless their teachers with patience, strength and wisdom. Help them to be gentle and kind, especially in the face of those who are not. Help my child to be open-minded and kind to those who are different than they are. Guide us all through this new chapter in our lives and help us to grow closer together as a family.


Dear Lord,

I pray that you bless my child on his first day of school. I pray that he will experience a sense of peace and security as he enters into this new phase of life. Help him to be open to learning and growing in all areas of his life. I pray that he will make good friends and find support among those who share his interests and passions. Help him to find joy in the journey ahead.

I ask you to bless my child’s teachers, too; help them to know what is best for their students and guide them as they teach them about your word. May they be filled with love for each child and desire only what is good for them–even when it means saying “no” sometimes when necessary!

My child means so much to me, Lord; please keep him safe from harm today as well as every day. Thank You for Your unfailing love for us all! In Jesus’ name we pray; amen

Dear God,

Please protect [child’s name] as he or she begins their first day of school. Please allow them to make new friends and feel comfortable in their environment. Help them to find the best teachers who will help them to learn and grow.

I pray that you will protect all the children in this school, and may they all find what they need to succeed and grow up into productive members of society.


Dear God,

We ask that you bless the child as he or she begins their first day of school today. We pray that you guide him or her in the right direction and protect them from harm. We know how hard it is to be away from home, so we ask that you help this child feel safe and loved at school. Help them make new friends, have a good time, and do well in their classes. Thank you for watching over us all!

Dear God,

Please watch over my child as he begins his first day of school. Guide him, protect him, and keep him safe today and every day.


Lord, thank you for this day and all the days that follow.

Thank you for the opportunity to help my child learn about the world around him and the people in it, who have come before him and who will follow him.

Please bless him with a good teacher, and help me to support her in her work as she helps my child grow.

Let me show my gratitude through action by being a good parent and doing all I can to provide our family with a safe home environment with plenty of opportunities for learning. Please guide me so that I may discipline my child in such a way that he learns right from wrong without becoming disrespectful or rebellious.

Please bless all those who are working with my child today, whether they are teachers or bus drivers or cafeteria workers or janitors—help them do their jobs well so they can be an example of Christ’s love for others. Help them remember what it felt like when someone took time out of their day to notice them or give them guidance toward living up to their potentials; remind them how important it is for children to feel noticed by adults who care about them every day at school, not just on special occasions like holidays or birthdays or graduation ceremonies (though those are great too).

Dear God,

We come to you today to ask for your guidance and protection in our most important endeavor: the education of our children. We pray that you bless this school with teachers who understand the importance of nurturing a child’s curiosity, as well as their physical and mental health. We pray that you help us find ways to engage our children in learning throughout their lives, so that they may grow into adults who can find fulfillment through service and intellectual pursuits.

We thank you for all the good work done by teachers throughout history, and pray that you will keep them safe as they continue their work today.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

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