Prayer For Children Returning To School

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It’s the start of a new school year and everyone is keen to make it a success: parents, teachers and my prayer for children returning to school students.

prayer for children returning to school

Back to School Prayers

Dear Lord,

Please send your blessings on the children as they return to school today. See each of them safely through the day, and watch over those who may be in need of extra guidance or protection. Help them to remember that you are always with them, even when they cannot see you. Amen

Dear Lord,

We are so excited to see our children return to school and begin the new year. We know that this is a very exciting time for them, and we want them to know how much we appreciate them.

Please help us remember that children are not just small adults—they have unique needs and concerns that need to be addressed. Help us understand what they are going through so we can support them in their transition back into the classroom.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear Lord, we thank you for this new year and the opportunity to learn from each other. Please help us be kind to one another, especially those who are different from us. We know that you have given us all unique gifts, and it is our responsibility to share those gifts with others.

We pray for all the children returning to school today and ask that you keep them safe and healthy. May they find joy in learning new things and making new friends.

Help us be open-minded and accepting of all differences in our classrooms and schools so that we can learn from one another in a safe space. Help us to rise above the drama of adolescence in order to focus on what really matters: helping each other grow into well-rounded adults who are able to contribute positively to society, whether they choose careers or stay at home with their families.

We pray for teachers everywhere who seek ways to teach effectively while keeping their students safe, as well as parents who worry about their children’s safety at school but still want them to have rich educational experiences. May these people find comfort in knowing that they are doing their best for those whom they love most dearly: their students and themselves!

In Jesus’ name we pray—amen

Dear God,

Please bless our children as they return to school.

Give them the wisdom and courage to make the right choices.

May they be respectful of their teachers and peers.

Grant them patience, both with themselves and others.

Help them to learn and grow in knowledge, in faith, and in love for you.


Dear God, I thank you for this new school year.

I pray that you will protect my children as they return to school, and help them to be safe and healthy throughout this school year.

I ask that you bless the teachers and administrators at our school, that they may lead us with wisdom and integrity.

Thank you for all the blessings of this new school year.

Dear God,

We come to you today as we prepare to return to school. We know that you are always with us, and we feel your presence with us at this time. We ask that you give us the strength to make it through the day, and that you guide us in our studies so that we can learn what we need to learn in order to grow as people. We ask that you help us understand our teachers and our classmates, and that you help them understand us. We pray for good friends who will support us on this journey of learning, and for teachers who will guide our minds through history, math, science, language arts, and all other subjects.

Help us find balance between work and play so that we may grow up happy and contented with this world around us—and one day make it better than it was when we started!

Dear God, we are so thankful for this new school year.

Please bless our children with good teachers and safe friends.

We pray that they will learn to love your word and share it with others.

Help them to grow in their faith and to know how much you love them.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

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