Prayer For Babies In Heaven

Prayer for babies in heaven: After losing a child, which is a loss no parent should ever go through. Knowing that you will never meet your child is heartbreaking. You are going through a lot of emotions right now, and you’re also wondering about and having worries about how your body and heart will heal. Resources like this prayer for newborns in heaven offer more than just the prospect of someday finding relief from the agony in your heart; they also support the physical and spiritual healing of a serenity that passes all comprehension.

God promises to be our stronghold, our fortress, and a very present support in times of need. God is dependable to give us peace via His presence when we experience difficulty, such as the loss of a child or other difficulties. With God, we can grasp our pain and the weeks it will take to recover in a way that others would not be able to. God acknowledges our suffering and offers us the prospect of an eternally happy life.

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prayer for miscarriage baby

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Dear God,

I pray that you keep our babies safe. Please don’t let them suffer. I know they’re with you now, and I know they’re happy and healthy. But I also know that we can’t see them, and that makes me sad.

I ask for your guidance as we navigate this difficult time. I ask for your wisdom in how best to support our children who are still here on earth. And I ask for your patience with our family as we try to find a way forward without the comfort of knowing that our babies are safe in heaven.

Please be with us always, every day of every hour, so that we may find strength in this time of trial. Amen

Dear God,

We ask that you watch over the souls of all babies who have gone to heaven. We pray for their parents, who are in great pain and sadness because of their loss. We also pray for all of those who have lost a child, no matter how old they were, because life is precious and we all feel the loss when death comes too soon. We ask that you bless these parents with peace and healing, so that they may find comfort in your promise of eternal life with you.


Dear God, please watch over the babies who have gone to heaven.

Please bless their parents and all who are mourning.

Let them know that their babies are safe, loved, and happy.

We pray for all who have lost a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth.

We pray for those who are grieving the loss of a child taken too soon by illness.

May they find comfort in your promise that you will wipe away every tear from their eyes and give them a new song to sing (Revelation 21:4).

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Dear God,

We pray for the souls of all babies who have died. We pray that you help their families to find peace, comfort and healing. We also pray for those babies who are stillborn or miscarried, for their grieving families, and for the medical professionals who care for these families.

We ask you to bless us all with the courage to accept what is happening in our lives, and with the wisdom to know when it is time to let go of our sorrows.

May we all learn from your lessons in love and forgiveness. And may we share this love with others every day of our lives.


Dear Lord,

We are so grateful that you have given us the gift of children. We pray for all of our children who have gone to heaven and left their earthly families behind. We ask that you comfort them and give them strength as they grow and learn in your presence. Please watch over them and help them make good choices while they are away from us.

We also pray for their families on earth, who must continue to live without them here. Comfort us with your love and guidance, Lord, and help us to be strong in the face of our loss.

Dear God,

We thank you for the gift of life. We ask that you take care of those who have departed this world, and bring them comfort in the arms of the angels.

We ask that you watch over us and keep us safe as we walk through this world.

In Jesus’s name, Amen

O Lord, who by a special grace didst vouchsafe to call us to thy holy service, grant us so to follow in the steps of thy servants who have gone before us with the same spirit of faith and devotion, that we may be worthy to celebrate with them the glory of thy holy Name.

We beseech thee also, O Lord, graciously to accept our prayers for all who have departed this life in thy faith and fear, that through the multitude of Thy mercies they may rest in peace with all Thy faithful people who have gone before them in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Through his intercession grant us all a place among the choirs of angels here on earth and in heaven hereafter. Through Christ our Lord.

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