Prayer For Australia Fires

Prayer for Australia Fires: For Australia Fires, a prayer. Lord, please hear us. We have received this land as a gift from you. We are grateful for all the gifts we have received. Our view of the magnificent starlit skies is obscured by the acrid smoke from burning trees. As night falls, the sun is obscured by thick ash clouds, which also make the day appear darker. The ground shook and the earth shook. We offer prayers for everyone who has lost their houses, assets, priceless items, or even cherished pets.

Australia, “Blessed are you among nations!” Blessed are your people, lands, and leaders! Blessed is the country that brings forth such people to build a nation. We pray for Australia and pray that you will turn once again to God as your source of strength, healing, and blessings.    We pray that the government, in particular, would turn away from relying on others and place its trust in God. We lift up all Australians who are hurting, unemployed or homeless. We pray for the millions of Muslims who have come to live in Australia, that they will find comfort within their own communities from persecution in their own countries and be accepted into the Australian community.

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Pray for Australia! Prayer for Bushfires to Cease

Dear God, we come to you today in prayer for the fires that have been burning in Australia. We know that you are a merciful God and that you love us all.

We also know that you desire us to be good stewards of the earth, and we thank you for the beauty and diversity of the natural world around us.

We pray for those who have lost homes, businesses, and loved ones to this fire. May they find comfort in your presence and strength from their friends and family.

We pray for those who are fighting these fires, whether it’s with their own hands or by donating their time or money. May they be encouraged by your grace as they perform this difficult service.

And finally, we pray for rain—that it will come soon and put out these fires so that no one else has to suffer any more loss than has already been suffered by this tragedy.

Dear Lord, we pray for the people of Australia who are battling the fires.

We ask that you would protect all those affected by this disaster, and bring comfort and peace to them during this difficult time.

We pray that you would grant wisdom to first responders, firefighters, and other emergency workers as they work to put out the flames and save lives.

And finally, we ask that you would help us be more mindful of our impact on our natural environment; help us prioritize sustainability so that we can avoid similar disasters in the future.

Dear Lord,

We pray for the victims of the fires in Australia and for their families. We pray for the firefighters who are risking their lives to put out these fires. We pray that you would keep them safe and healthy, and that you would give them strength to do what needs to be done.

Please help us to remember those who have lost their homes and communities, and help us to be there for them as they recover. Help us to think of ways we can help those who have been harmed by this tragedy.

We pray that you would protect all those who are working so hard to protect us from harm. Thank you for sending angels into our midst, even when we don’t realize it at first glance. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show compassion in our daily lives by offering help when someone is in need.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!

Today we ask you to be with the people of Australia as they face the devastation of this fire. We pray for those who have lost their homes and belongings, and for those who have lost their lives. We ask you to comfort those who are mourning their loved ones.

We pray for all of those who are helping to fight the fires and keep others safe, especially those who are working long hours to help save lives. We pray that you will grant them strength, endurance, and safety as they do this good work.

Strengthen our faith in your presence among us during these times of crisis. Hear our prayers today, dear Lord, and grant us peace in our hearts as we join together in prayer for your mercy on these people.”

Dear God,

Please help us in our time of need. We are desperate for guidance and protection from the fires that have devastated our country. We pray that you will watch over those who have lost their homes or been injured in the fires, and comfort them with your presence.

We ask that you will give us strength to continue on through this difficult time, and remind us that even in the midst of chaos and destruction, there is hope for the future.


We are asking for all of the fires to be put out and for everyone to be okay.

We ask for strength and hope, that we can all get through this together and help each other.

Dear God,

We come to you today in the midst of tragedy. We lift up those who have lost their homes, who have lost their loved ones and all the things that define their lives. Please guide us as we move forward from this terrible event, and help us heal. Please help our leaders make decisions that will bring peace and stability to this country. Help them find a way to care for those who are homeless and hungry, so that they may rebuild their communities and live with dignity. And please give us strength in the days ahead as we continue to rebuild what has been destroyed. We ask these things in your name, amen.

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