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Prayers for Asia is an organization wishing to help the people of Asian countries experiencing horrible natural disasters, warfare, and poverty. We need your help to fulfill our goal and make a difference in the lives of God’s creation, and they need you to be involved whether it’s through prayer, volunteering, or spreading the word.

prayer for asia

A Prayer For Asia Prayer Art Photograph by Reid Callaway

Dear God,

We pray for the people of Asia.

We pray that your watchful eye is upon them, and that you guide them in their time of need.

We pray for those who are suffering from the devastating effects of the tsunami and earthquake, and we pray that you comfort them in their darkest hour.

May they know you as their Savior, the one who holds their hearts in his hands and walks with them through all things. May they trust in your promises and look forward to a future where all things are made new.

Dear God, we pray for Asia.

We pray for the people of Asia, especially those who have been affected by Typhoon Mangkhut and the earthquake in Indonesia. We pray for the families and communities who are grieving for those lost in these tragic events. We pray for relief workers and first responders who are working tirelessly to aid those in need. We pray for peace, justice, and hope for all who are suffering from these tragedies. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Dear God,

We pray for peace in Asia. We ask that you comfort the people who have been affected by the recent natural disasters and wars. Please protect those who are in harm’s way as they try to flee their homes. Grant them strength and courage to endure these trying times.

We also pray for those who are not able to flee. May they find peace and solace in knowing that they are not alone in their struggle.

Let us never forget the precious lives that have been lost and those who are suffering today. We ask that you comfort them with your love and lighten their burdens with your grace.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Dear Universe,

We come to you today with a request for peace and prosperity in the continent of Asia.

We pray that you bring healing to those who are suffering from illness, injury, and grief. We pray that you provide food, shelter, and safety for those who have lost everything in the aftermath of this disaster. We pray that you bring comfort to those who are still waiting to hear from their loved ones, and we pray that you give them hope for their future.

We ask that you help us rebuild what was lost so that we can once again thrive as a people. We ask that you guide our leaders in their decision-making so they may lead us down a path of peace and prosperity for all.

In your name we pray, Amen

Lord God,

We come before you today to ask for your guidance, protection, and blessing on the people of Asia. Our hearts are heavy with the news of the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami that has devastated so many lives. In this time of great need, we pray that your love will sustain those who have lost everything and help those who are still searching for answers. We know that you are our refuge when we face trouble, and we ask for your strength as we seek to meet this crisis head-on.

We pray for rescue workers who are risking their lives to save others. Please protect them from harm as they work tirelessly to find survivors. And please comfort each person who has lost a loved one or friend; allow them to feel your presence through these difficult times so they can begin to heal.

Lord God, we pray for all those who have been affected by this tragedy—those who have lost loved ones and homes; those whose homes have been destroyed; those whose livelihoods are now threatened; and everyone else whose life has been changed forever by this disaster. We pray that you would give them strength during these difficult times as they rebuild their lives from scratch or attempt to rebuild after such devastation.


Dear God,

We pray for the Asian-American community. We ask that you comfort their families and friends, and we pray that they will find healing in your grace. We pray that you would give them strength to face this tragedy and to move forward in their lives. Fill them with hope and love, so that they may be a light in this dark time.

In Jesus’s name, Amen

The world is a dark place, but we can bring light into it.

We must do everything we can to help those who are suffering in the wake of this tragedy. We must reach out to those who are in need, whether they are close to us or far away.

The only way to defeat fear is with love and compassion for our fellow man. We must show the world that we care about one another, no matter what differences may separate us.

God bless you all, and God bless America.

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