Prayer For Adoption

Prayer for adoption: Dear Jesus, please hear my prayer for adoption. This year I am earnestly interceding on behalf of couples and individuals who are waiting to adopt a child or children. I’ll stand the gap for all those who are waiting, who your heart is calling to care for a child. Help me be their voice when they can’t speak for themselves. Give them perseverance, integrity and conviction during the long process of adoption. Hundreds of thousands of children are waiting to be adopted and they need your grace to help them find their forever families.

A father’s prayer for adoption is a sincere request because he sincerely wants to see his child develop into the person that God intended. This prayer for adoption uses strong language that may be modified to fit your family’s unique needs, giving this adoptive parent’s sincere request significant significance.

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Prayer for the adoption process - Unite in Prayer

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Dear God,

I ask that you give me the gift of adoption as a blessing. Please direct me to a young person who is in need of a home and will be appreciative of the love and care I can give. I am willing to go to any lengths to make it happen because I am certain that this is something that we are meant to do together. Please direct me as I look for a child that needs me and assist me in locating them as soon as possible so they can live a better life. I ask that you grant us both courage to get through this and that we can begin our family as soon as possible. Amen

Dear God,

I pray today for the family of [name] and [name], who is seeking adoption. I ask that you guide their journey, and help them to find peace within themselves as they navigate their way through this process. I ask that you bless them with wisdom to make the right choices for themselves, their child(ren), and their family. I pray that they will be able to trust in your guidance, knowing that you are always with them on this journey. Amen!

Dear Lord,

We offer prayers for [name] and her family to be adopted. Throughout order for them to always recognize you as the source of all kindness, love, and joy, we humbly pray for your direction in their life. We pray that [name] will experience the support of friends and family, the love of a mother, and the safety of a home. We ask God to help this kid have a strong moral foundation and a firm sense of faith. Please tell them that our heavenly Father, who adores everyone of his children, thinks the world of them.


Dear God,

We pray for the adoption of [name]. We ask that you would guide her family to make the right decisions in their decision process, and that you would grant them wisdom and patience as they work through this process. We also pray that, as they consider adopting [name], they will see her needs and her worth. Help them to recognize her value and find ways to help her flourish.

We ask for Your blessing on each person in our church family who is thinking about adoption or has a child in the foster care system. As they travel this arduous route, give them strength and direction. And as we learn more about this significant subject, we pray that each of us may be able to reach out with compassion, understanding, and love for one another.

I pray that my child is born healthy and whole, with all their limbs intact. I pray that the parents who adopt them are kind, patient people who will support them in all their endeavors. I pray that they’ll feel safe in their new home, and I pray that they’ll have a strong relationship with both sets of parents.

I pray for their health and safety. I pray that they’ll feel loved and supported by their family, friends and school community. I pray that they’ll always know how much they’re loved by everyone around them.

I pray for peace on earth, good will towards men

We pray for you and your family, O Lord.

We ask that you would give us the strength to endure this time of uncertainty and longing. We ask that you would guide us in our search for a family who will love our child as much as we do. We pray for strength for our child and for peace for all involved in this process. We know that you are with us always, and we pray for your blessing over the next few months.

Dear God,

I pray for this child. I pray that they will have a great life. I pray that they will have love and support from their family and friends. I pray that when they are sad or scared, they will know how to talk to you about it and feel safe enough to open up and tell someone what is going on inside of them. I pray they will find their calling in life and that whatever they do in the future, it brings them joy and fulfillment.

Dear Lord, please help this family find each other so that the little one can have the parents they deserve. Please help them discover each other’s needs so that they can be there for each other through thick and thin, through good times and bad ones as well!

I thank you for all your blessings today!

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