Prayer For A Woman Of God

O Lord, because of Thy blessing to me, and my ignorant and feeble knowledge of Thy word, I offer myself to Thee. Help me to receive the grace of self-renunciation and meditation in Thy presence. Let my little success be such as Thou wouldst approve, and make me perfectly willing to be led by Thee at every step. Do not suffer any withered and tangled growths to hide the shining stars or the morning light from me. Lead me over desert places, through barren wastes to green pastures; let heaven be my home and eternity my goal.

Did you know the Bible contains hundreds of examples of women that go largely un-noticed? It’s true. If you’ve been paying attention to the recent developments in Hollywood lately, you’ll find a connection between the kind of role models that are being portrayed on film and what we’re getting from our current president — boys and men at work, women as sex objects. Now is the time for prayer. In this piece of writing, we will discuss the topic – Prayer For A Woman Of God. Other related interesting resources which many people find useful and is readily available our website are searches like: prayer points for woman and sermon womens prayer meeting

Prayer For A Woman Of God

A Prayer for Fiercehearted Women - Your Daily Prayer - July 1 - Devotional

O God, our Father, You have called us to be your women.

We thank You for the gift of womanhood and for the privilege of being called to serve You in this way.

Help us to honor Your name in all we do and say.

Help us to be faithful stewards of the gifts You have given us.

May we use our minds to think clearly and wisely; may we use our hearts to love deeply and genuinely; may we use our voices to speak truthfully, kindly, and with love.

May we always look out for one another as sisters in Christ.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Dear Lord,

We pray for the women of God who are working tirelessly to make the world a better place. May their efforts be blessed by your hand, and may they be rewarded with all that is needed to continue on their path. We pray for those who are struggling to find their purpose in life, that they may find it in you and serve others. We pray for those who have been abused or hurt by those they thought they could trust, that they may find peace and healing through your grace and mercy. We pray for those who have lost loved ones too soon, that they may find strength in knowing their loved ones are safe with you now. Lord, please hear our prayers today as we ask you to bless all women today and always!

Dear God,

I come before you today with a heavy heart. I am grieving the loss of a woman who was dear to me. She was a woman of God, and she inspired me to be more like Christ. I know that you are with her now, and that your love is surrounding her as she makes her way through this life and into the next.

She left behind many friends and family members who loved her dearly, and who will miss her dearly for the rest of their lives. We have been shattered by her passing; our hearts are broken and we feel lost without her here with us.

I pray for guidance in the days ahead as we try to find our way back from this darkness into which we have fallen. May your light shine upon us through these difficult days, so that we may walk forward in hope instead of despair.

Help us to remember all the good things about [deceased name]—her faithfulness to God’s word, her kindness towards others, her generosity towards those less fortunate than herself—and let those memories fill our hearts and minds during this time of grief so that we may continue on without bitterness or resentment towards anyone else in this world who might have done harm upon us or upon someone else

Dear God,

I pray for a woman of God. A woman who is strong and independent, but also humble. A woman who can stand on her own, but also knows when to ask for help. A woman who understands that sometimes she has to be the rock and other times she has to be the water. I pray that this woman of God would be confident in who she is and what she does, but also willing to admit when she needs help from others. I pray that this woman of God would never give up or give in, but always see the best in people even when it’s not easy. Most importantly, I pray that this woman of God would always remember that even though she may not have it all figured out—she still has more than enough good sense to get by!

Dear God,

I’m writing to you because I need you. I need your guidance and protection.

I want to be a woman of god, but it is hard. It is so hard. Please help me to know what’s right and wrong, and how to do the right thing when it feels like everything in the world is telling me not to.

I want to be strong, but sometimes I feel weak. Please help me stand up when things get tough and show me how to overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

I want to be brave, but sometimes I’m afraid. Please give me the courage to face my fears head-on and make them go away forever so they don’t hold me back anymore.

Most importantly, please help me believe in myself enough so that even when people tell me “no” or “you can’t do that,” I still know deep down inside that one day soon they’ll be eating their words because of all the great things I’ve done with my life thanks to your guidance!

Dear God,

I pray for my sister, [name]. I pray that you will guide her and protect her, and keep her safe from all harm. Keep her mind focused on your word and your ways. Let her be a woman of God in all she does. And help me to be a better sister to her, so that we can work together to help others know how much you love them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Dear god,

We are praying for you to help [name] find her way back to you. We know she is having a difficult time right now and we ask that you give her strength and comfort in this time of need. We ask that you guide her through the dark days ahead and help her find the light of your love once again. Give her the strength to overcome these trials and be able to see things from a new perspective. Help her see the good in herself and those around her so that she can begin to feel better about herself and how others perceive her as well. Please take care of [name] and keep her safe during this time of need. Amen

Dear God,

I pray for the woman who is a gift to me. Please bless her with courage, and strength, and wisdom. Help her to always be humble and kind, and loving. Make her confident in herself and her abilities. Let her know that she is loved by you. And help me to show her that love by showing love to others.

Help me to be the best man I can be for this woman who has touched my life in so many ways. Help me to be a good husband, and a good father figure to our children.

Thank you for blessing us with each other and all the happiness we have shared together. May our love continue forever!

Eternal God,

You have made me in your image and called me to be your child. I am a woman, and I am blessed.

I hope that you will use me for your purposes and all you have for me to accomplish here on earth. I pray that you will guide me in my choices, protect me from harm, and give me wisdom when I need it most.

As a woman, I know that my worth is not found in what I look like or how many followers I have on social media. My worth is found in the fact that you love me unconditionally and gave your life so that I might be saved.

I pray that you would help me remember this every day of my life as we see another month go by together!

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