Prayer for a friend going through hard times

Prayer for a friend going through hard times: I am writing to you in regards to your friend _______who is going through hard times. I personally know how it feels to be going through something like this, and would like to offer you some spiritual guidance.

This draft is a sample prayer for friends who are going through hard times. Although there are many kinds of prayers, this draft focuses on personal stories of depression and sorrow to highlight how it really feels to go through life-shattering events or circumstances. An additional purpose of this draft is to present possible topics for discussion, such fighting spiritual battles and finding hope for brighter days, amid doubts, disappointments, and discouragement.

Lord, we lift up so-and-so who is going through a difficult time right now due to their sickness and we ask that You put a hedge of protection around them. We pray that You will be with them as they go for their chemo treatment tomorrow and that You will be by their side in the hospital during the operation. God, please fill them with Your peace and love.

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Prayer for a friend going through hard times

Dear Lord,

We come to you today with a request for prayer. We ask that you please pray for our friend [name] who is going through a difficult time. We ask that you give them strength and guidance, and help them through this difficult time. Please be with them, Lord.


Dear God, please guide [friend’s name] through the hard times she is facing. She is a good person who has done her best to live her life according to your word, and she deserves all the help you can give her. Keep her safe from harm and surround her with people who care about her well-being. Please give her strength, guidance, and peace during this difficult time. In your name we pray, amen.

Prayer for a friend going through a divorce


This prayer acknowledges that a friend is going through a divorce and asks for help in loving them well. It’s not easy to watch a friend go through such hard things, and it can be difficult to know what to say or do, but simply acknowledging the situation and asking God to help you comfort your friend can be meaningful, even when there are no words.

O God,

Prayer is a way of communicating with God. When we pray, we express our gratitude to him and ask for his help, but there’s more to prayer than that.

In prayer we can express our love for God and others. When you pray for a friend going through a divorce, your thoughts focus on their need and the pain they may be experiencing. As you pray, your heart is filled with love for them—love from God in response to their own pleas for help—and this love motivates you to do whatever you can within your power to comfort them in their time of need (1 Corinthians 12:31).

This kind of selfless love is one defining characteristic of true Christians (John 13:34–35). We know Christ lived such an exemplary life because he loved his Father so much that he obeyed him completely (John 14:31), which means that if we want to be like Christ ourselves then it’s essential that we learn how best conduct ourselves when dealing with other people who might not share our beliefs or values.

For the beauty of creation, especially the wonder of:

For the beauty of creation, especially the wonder of:

  • The beauty of creation, especially the wonder of:
  • For the beauty of creation, especially for you.

Your presence in our lives,

God is always with us, in good times and bad. In sorrow or joy, God is always with us when we need Him most.

He will be there for you as you go through this difficult time in your life.

For your gift of love and forgiveness,

For your gift of love and forgiveness, we thank you.

For the peace that comes from forgiving one another, we thank you.

For the grace to forgive others as Christ forgave us, we thank you.

For giving us discernment about when it is appropriate to forgive and when it is not, we thank you.

For families and friends, and for all those we love,

  • For families and friends, and for all those we love,
  • We ask you to comfort and sustain us during this time of distress in our lives.
  • Please help us to be patient with one another, especially as we deal with the pain of our friend’s divorce.
  • Our hearts may be broken but they are not beyond repair; please help us to put the pieces back together again so that we may once again be whole and wholehearted.

We give you thanks.

Lord, we give you thanks for the beauty of creation. We give you thanks for the gift of love and forgiveness.

We thank you that through these words and actions, our friend has been brought closer to us and closer to You.

We thank you for families and friends who carry on in faith, not just because they believe what we believe but because they love us unconditionally, even when we are flawed or making mistakes. Lord, help us be there for each other as our friends need us most in times like these. Let us turn toward them with open arms and hearts full of compassion rather than judgmental scorn; let us show them Your grace by reaching out generously with comforting words instead of harsh criticism or unhelpful advice; let us offer a listening ear instead of giving advice where none is needed; let us celebrate their successes along side theirs–even if it’s just a small achievement that seems insignificant compared to all else going wrong around them right now (but which may very well mean more than anyone else knows). And finally: Let this be an opportunity for joy! If nothing else comes from this difficult time in someone’s life other than greater reliance upon You–if all else fails–then please grant such grace anyway so they might know Your presence even when everything seems lost…


Regardless of what you’re going through at this moment, know that I will be there for you.

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