Prayer For A Child In Hospital

When we can’t help ourselves and need support from above, this prayer for a sick child in the hospital is the ideal one. There are things that you can only ask for during difficult times, and it surely is an emotional experience. You might not know how to say the words on your mind, but the good news is that with prayers, there are no wrong words. Write your own good-faith prayers for a child in the hospital below. You can also find out more information on “simple prayer for a sick child” and “prayer for sick child scripture”, as well as “six prayers to heal my child”.

Dearest Lord, it is with a heavy heart that we ask for your mercy on our child who lies in the hospital. With each breath he draws, we grow more afraid of the inevitable outcome. The doctors are honest and kind, but all we can see is our son, lying in that place where so many other parents have cried before us. Whether their children recovered, or their little ones passed on to you, we realize that you were never far away from them either. We must also trust that you will be near to us as well, throughout what seems to be an unbearable situation. Dear God, so many things are changing, as we watch our son change before our eyes. Yet like each breath that keeps him alive, we love and know our son, even as he is not who he once was. In your Name we pray. Amen

One of the most poignant prayers I have ever heard was that of a father for his son in hospital and it went something like this. “Lord, I ask nothing for myself, but please give my son peace, please let him be at peace with himself when he is lying in his bed tonight.” Parent’s pray for their children every day, especially when they have life threatening illnesses. They are worried about the health and well being of there child. Throughout history, parents have been praying for their children who are are seriously ill as seen in the image from St. Rochus church in Krakow, Poland dated 1427 showing a man kneeling and praying while beside him is his daughter on her death bed.

Dear Lord,

We pray for the child in the hospital. Please bless him with a speedy recovery, and give him comfort and peace during this difficult time. We ask that you guide his doctors and nurses as they care for him, and we pray that they will be able to provide the best care possible. We thank you for all you have done thus far, and ask that you continue to watch over our young friend as he recovers. In your name we pray, amen.

Dear God,

I pray for this child who is in the hospital. I pray that you will grant them comfort and peace as they heal. Please help them to feel better and get healthy so they can come home. Help the doctors who are taking care of them to be able to do their job with ease and grace.

I ask this in your name, Jesus Christ, Amen

Prayer for a child in hospital


This is a prayer for parents whose child is sick and in the hospital.

Loving God,

Loving God,

You are a loving God. You are there to love us, guide us and help us through everything. We pray for our child in hospital today as she fights for her life. We ask that you would watch over her and preserve her. We know that this is not an easy situation for any of us but we also know that you can make all things new and restore what was lost or broken. Please use this time to show yourself strong in the midst of weakness so that our faith may grow stronger than ever before!

we pray for (child),

O God, we pray for (child), who is suffering in the hospital. We know that your love is stronger than any pain or fear. We ask you to comfort (him/her) with your presence, heal (him/her) with loving care, and return (him/her) safely to the arms of those who love (him/her). In Jesus’ name, Amen.

who is a special child,

God is a special child who is sick and in pain. He needs healing. God, please heal him/her from their illness and make them well again. God, please take away their pain and make them feel better again. Please help us to understand why you are making us go through this trial but we know it’s for a greater purpose in your plan for our lives so we accept what you have given us with gratitude and praise for the blessings that we have received from the hand of God on earth, Amen

a gift in our midst.

For the child who is currently in hospital, we are reminded of the gift that they are to their parents, siblings and extended family. However, we also pray for them as a gift to us – a reminder of God’s love and care for each one of us. We pray that through this time of suffering and being cared for by skilled professionals that this child will grow closer to God during their time in hospital.

We ask you Lord:

  • to bless this child with healing and recovery;
  • that those caring for them will have wisdom and patience;
  • that those who visit or call on this child may be blessed with both physical and spiritual healing;


When you find yourself in this situation, know that the Lord never leaves you alone. He is with you always, and will make all things right in time. This prayer should help remind you of that fact, and give you the strength to face whatever comes your way.

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