Prayer For A Change Of Heart

Prayer for a change of heart is a powerful prayer that can bring the gifts of the Spirit into your life and the lives of others. Through prayer, you can experience God’s presence and power in your life. If you are ready to see God transform your heart, believe that you can know Him better by studying His Word and by reading or listening to messages that reveal His goodness and love. Take time each day to talk with God; ask Him to show you areas where He wants to change something in your life. You can also find out more information on “prayer to change the heart of stone” “prayer for someone to change their mind” as well as “prayer for a good-hearted person”.

Please pray for a change of heart and mind in my sons. I have read your entire site and would love to see a positive end result with my family. Please pray God gives my boys the desire and courage to have hearts like Yours, full of compassion and understanding. That they would become loving men with hearts like yours, Lord. I pray they will realize their feelings are not real but stem from society’s teachings and their own struggle against these feelings. I especially appreciate that you do not demand repentance from them as part of this prayer journey since my sons are convinced that it is impossible for change to take place within them.

So many people are out of touch with the one who created them. And by not following God’s ways, they lead hopeless, mean and unfulfilled lives. That is why I am asking you to pray with me to ask God for His change in our heart.

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you that in some way you care about the problems we have with other people. I know that people are worth a lot to You and that is why You came to earth. Please help me to be more understanding, quieter and nicer to people who irritate me. Give me a better attitude when someone offends me. Lord Jesus Christ, please change my heart by Your love and kindness. Amen

Dear God,

I come to you today with a prayer for a change of heart.

I know that many people believe that it’s impossible for someone to change their heart, but I ask that you would give me the strength and courage to do so.

In my life, I have made some poor choices. I have said things I shouldn’t have said, and done things that were hurtful to others. I hope that you’ll help me learn from my mistakes and use them as an opportunity to grow into a better person.

Please guide me in doing what’s right and true—even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Help me to make good decisions now so that I won’t regret them later on down the road.

Thank you for hearing my prayer today!

I pray to God, the living and true God, who is able to do immeasurably more than all I ask or imagine.

I pray that God changes my heart so that I might better know You and love You, and so that I might be able to share Your love with those around me.

I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen

Prayer for a change of heart


Lita had been working for the same company for more than fifteen years when she was laid off in September 2019.

I have wandered far away from God, yet he has not left me. Now I have returned to him.

I have wandered far away from God, yet he has not left me. Now I have returned to him.

There is nothing that separates us from the love of Christ, but our own refusal to accept it. Jesus died for me, and he will not let me go. If you feel like you are far away from God, remember that his love for you is greater than any sin or doubt in your heart.

In times of doubt and grief, come back to grace: ask forgiveness for your sins and return to what is good and true about yourself; allow faith to guide your thoughts instead of fear or anger; pray for guidance regarding how best to serve those around you; reflect on how God has shown himself in the world around you so far; turn toward those who are closest to you and seek comfort from them if needed—they may help guide your journey back into faithfulness with their support as well as their prayers (Romans 12:15).

I’ve suffered so long, but God’s kindness has been there all the time.

Dear Father,

I have suffered for so long. I am more than a little bitter and cynical about my situation. No one else seems to understand the pain I am in, and even those who try are only too eager to blame me for it—or leave me behind. But this is not your doing; it is mine alone. Your love is not bound by my failings or misgivings; rather, you are with me through all of them. You are with me even when I lash out at others; even when I lash out at myself; even when I turn away from your love because it hurts too much, or because my pride won’t let me accept help from anyone else but myself (and sometimes not even then).

You have been there through it all—through every moment of fear and anxiety, every second of loneliness and rejection—and yet you have never left my side. Your kindness has been there all along as well: listening patiently as I raged against the world around me; understanding that sometimes words cannot capture what we feel inside our hearts; knowing that sometimes we need time alone just as much as we need companionship. And though these things may seem small compared to what others suffer day after day throughout their lives—and though they may seem insignificant compared to what some might consider truly unendurable pain—they mean everything in this moment where everything seems so darkly hopeless yet still holds glimmers of hope in its midst: Hope that tomorrow will be better than today was bad; Hope that someday soon maybe someone else will understand how hard life can be right now…

He has looked at my suffering and made himself familiar with it.

He has looked at my suffering and made himself familiar with it.

He has looked at the suffering of all humanity and made himself familiar with it.

He has seen our suffering, he has chosen to become familiar with it, and he will never abandon us in our time of need.

He is the one who has taken my pain and clung to it.

He is the one who has taken my pain and clung to it. He is not afraid of my pain, and he will not be overwhelmed by it. He is not trying to avoid it or pretend that it doesn’t exist. In fact, he welcomes the opportunity for me to bring him all of my burdens because he knows that when I do so, they will disappear—not just from this moment but from eternity as well!

My Father knows that in order for me to experience true healing and wholeness in this life, I must first surrender all of my pain unto Him; otherwise, I will continue striving for perfection in this world alone (which does not exist).

He has something to tell me about it.

You may be feeling frustrated, angry, or lonely. The world seems to have forgotten your needs and wants. But God hasn’t forgotten you. He has something to tell you about this situation in life—something that will give you comfort and hope as he speaks directly into your heart. He also wants to remind you of his love for you because he knows how much it hurts when people don’t care or act like they care but they really don’t care at all but they pretend that they do because that’s what Jesus did so we should do the same thing too just like him because then maybe then we’ll feel better about things too which might make us happy again…

And so I listen to him as he tells me, “Your suffering is something you can bear, and I will bear it with you. Just let me give you rest.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that prayer is something that many people turn to when they feel alone, sad and discouraged. It’s human nature to want comfort, reassurance and hope in our most desperate times. And yet we often forget the power of listening—especially on the other end of a phone call or text message—and how it can bring us these things from God.

Let me tell you about my friend who took his own life last year after struggling with depression for years. He was a good man who loved his family very much; he was also an atheist who didn’t believe in God (much like myself). But when he reached out for help during one of his darkest moments, I listened carefully and empathized with him as best I could without knowing how he really felt inside or what i would do if I were in his shoes. In those conversations with my friend, I learned how important empathy is when someone feels alone, sad and discouraged: They need someone who will try to understand them even though they don’t always know what they’re feeling themselves…

He invites me to draw near to him, for “I am gentle and humble in heart,” says he.

God is the source of our strength and the healer of our wounds. In Isaiah 41:10, God invites us to draw near to him and declares that he is gentle and humble in heart. Jesus has all power, yet he chose an earthly life with all its shortcomings so that he could understand our suffering. He knows what it feels like to be rejected by his own people, falsely accused by his enemies, betrayed by friends, abandoned by family members and even put to death on a cross for his beliefs.

Jesus suffered so that we might know what real love means—and we can learn from his example as we strive each day toward greater understanding of others’ concerns and needs in this world where everyone is connected through community but still isolated within themselves at times due to distance or fear or other factors preventing them from opening up completely (such as addiction). When we look out at those around us who need healing most urgently—those who suffer from mental illness or addiction—it becomes clear just how much they need someone who understands their pain better than anyone else ever could because only then will true healing begin happening within them…

What a wonder for a wounded sinner like me! What peace this brings! This changes everything! Now I will receive his children gladly, even those who are weak in faith, and forgive them just as Jesus forgave me.

As you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will be changed from the inside out. Your sinful nature and past mistakes that once seemed to define you will be washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. This forgiveness is not limited to this life only; it also extends into eternity.

When we experience God’s forgiveness in our lives, we begin to understand more how to forgive others who have hurt us or wronged us in some way. We realize that we must extend the same grace and mercy that God has shown toward us to those around us—especially when they are weak in faith or struggling with sinfulness (see 1 Corinthians 8:7).

When we know that God is tender toward our wounds, we become tender toward other people’s wounds too.

The prayer is not really about you. It’s about God and what he has done for you, how he has changed your heart, and how he continues to shape who you are and who you want to be. You don’t have to do anything in order for God to love or forgive you—he just does it because of who he is. When we know that God is tender toward our wounds, we become tender toward other people’s wounds too.


I think the key takeaway from all this is that prayer is a way for us to connect with God. It can help us understand what it means to be part of his family and bring us closer to him. It can also help us grow in our relationship with one another as brothers and sisters, sharing our joys, fears, blessings and struggles. When we pray together or spend time praying privately on our own, we’re invoking His name

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