Prayer For 3rd Sunday Of Advent

Prayer For 3rd Sunday Of Advent: The third Sunday of Advent is traditionally known as the Sunday of Prayer for Peace. It is also “God’s compassion” Sunday, commemorating the Gift of the Eucharist at Mass. God of grace, hear our prayers. Awaken in us new awareness of your presence. May our hearts and minds be renewed by a better knowledge of you. By your Spirit do this in me and in all who are open to your leading. As we focus now on preparing for a coming together as one people, helping us see our differences as special gifts to be appreciated, may the individuals and families among us come together with a deeper sense of connectedness.  O God, our help in ages past;our hope for years to come.   Jesus, you have called us to prepare the way for you coming in glory from heaven.  Now, as we draw closer to your special day, grow in us love for one another and for all people. Help us to share with others what we have received from you.   Guide us with your wisdom and power. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Dear God, Thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for the gift of life and the opportunity to spend it with my family. I pray that I can be a good example to those around me, so that they may see Christ in me. Help me to build strong relationships with my family members and friends, and help us to always be there for each other. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen Almighty God, You are the Lord of history. You were with Mary and Joseph in their journey to Bethlehem. You were with them on that first Christmas night in the stable. You were with them as they found refuge in Egypt. You were with them as they returned to Israel and settled down in Nazareth. You were with them when they grew old and died.

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And now we gather again at this season of Advent to remember the coming of your Son into our world, and our hope for his return. We pray for all who are waiting for children or grandchildren, those who have lost loved ones, those who have been separated from their families through war or persecution, or because of illness or disability. We pray for peace in our world, where there is so much conflict and suffering this day; we pray for all who are struggling with poverty or oppression; we pray for those who have suffered violence at the hands of others; we pray for refugees seeking safety from war and persecution; we pray for those who work tirelessly on behalf of others; we pray for all who are persecuted because of their faith or ethnicity; we pray for those affected by famine and drought;

Third Sunday Of Advent Meaning.


Thank God for the gift of faith. May ours never be a lifeless faith,

never a dead faith, but a living, active, fruitful and energizing

faith. For this we pray to the Lord: R/.Lord hear our prayer.

Lord our God, we are asked to be joyful, even in the midst of sorrow.

Joy is not an emotion. It is, rather, the ability to feel happiness and sadness. Joy isn’t something we can conjure up or make happen by wishing for it. It’s something that exists inside us—a birthright with which we are gifted (or cursed) at birth. We all have the capacity for joy; some of us simply choose not to exercise it out of fear or lack of faith in our own ability to experience happiness.

But God doesn’t demand that you believe in yourself before he’ll grant you this gift. He doesn’t require that you ask him permission before allowing yourself to enjoy life’s little pleasures: a glass of wine after dinner; spending time with a friend; listening to music while driving down the highway on a sunny day.

The world around us may be full of sorrows, but these things can still bring us joy because they remind us how good God has been in giving them into our lives, even when everything else seems hard or unsatisfying at times.”

We are called to sing a song of praise; even when our voices tremble with sadness.

We are called to sing a song of praise, even when our voices tremble with sadness. We are called to praise, even when the world around us is broken and we can no longer see its beauty. We are called to worship God with our whole being—mind, body and spirit—even when it seems like there’s nothing left inside us for Him.

We are called to give thanks in all things—the good ones and the bad ones too; the easy ones and the hard ones too; each one that comes into our lives every single day without fail or delay (Philippians 4:6).

Joy is an emotion felt in the depths of our souls; not easily won, and not easily lost.

Joy is an emotion felt in the depths of our souls. It is not easily won, and it is not easily lost. Joy is a gift from God, given to us as we walk with Him on this earth. Joy is a gift that comes to us at different times and in different ways; it can be brought about by the smallest things or even by nothing at all!

The only thing you need in order to experience joy is faith—faith that God loves you no matter what; faith that He will never leave you or forsake you; faith that one day He will return for His people and take them home with Him where they will be forever happy with Him forevermore (Revelation 21-22).Joy should be experienced throughout your life every day whether it’s waking up next to your spouse each morning or enjoying some time with friends over lunch at work while eating sandwiches together out of Tupperware containers with plastic utensils (that were probably made by inmates at some prison somewhere).

Help us to remember that joy is a gift given at the moment of our birth,

Jesus has promised that those who seek him will find him (Matt. 7:7). But he also declares that we must seek him with all our hearts, and not just in times of great difficulty and sorrow.

Joy is a gift given at the moment of our birth (Psalm 87:6), but it is not something that can be bought or earned through great works. The joy we seek is found in the simplest things: falling asleep after a long day, laughing at silly jokes and watching children play together without any cares in their minds. When we realize this truth about joy—that it can be found everywhere around us—we are able to remember what truly matters most in life: God’s love for us and our families’ love for each other.

and continues to fill us throughout this life and into eternity!

Joy is a gift of God! It does not come from our circumstances or the things we have. Joy comes from God. Joy is eternal, never-ending and always washing over us like waves on the beach during a stormy day.

Joy is what makes life worth living! Without it we are nothing but pathetic humans who live life merely existing instead of living it to its fullest potential.

Remembering joy

Joy is a gift, not an earned feeling. Joy is what you feel when you are happy and content with life. Joy can be described as an intense feeling of happiness, pleasure, or elation. However, joy is not only felt in good times; it can also be experienced when faced with difficulties or suffering. And even though joy may be difficult to grasp at times, remember that it is never lost once it has been felt—it will always remain with us if we allow ourselves to embrace its presence.


We hope you found this prayer to be helpful in your time of need. We recommend that you keep it close and refer to it often.

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