Praise And Worship Songs Of Victory

Praise and worship songs of victory: You can use hymns and songs of triumph worship to pray. Songs of victory, praise, and adoration to honor Him. This is a selection of Christian-written hymns and triumphant praise and worship songs. Christians create their own hymns to sing as their own songs of victory and praise. Collection of worship songs for praising and triumph, often known as victory worship songs. To be played with a band, they are set up for keyboard or lead. Key: D, Em, D, Dsus2, Dsus4, and Bb. These songs can be altered in some portions without disrupting the melody because they range in key from 2 to 5.

Your congregation will hear the songs of victory best during a strong, unbroken praise and worship service. The outcome ought to be a feeling of assurance among those there. We’re going to give you some songs of praise and worship today that will uplift you and help you experience victory in Christ.

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Praise and worship songs of victory are a great way to lift your spirits and stay focused on the future.

When you’re feeling down, you might not think that listening to music will help, but it does! Studies have shown that music can make you feel better about life, even when it’s bad. This is because music has a very special ability: It makes us feel connected with others.

The best way to use these songs is by listening to them every day at least once (or more). You’ll feel much better about yourself and your life when you do this!

Praise and worship songs are a great way to celebrate victories in your life. If you want to celebrate the victories that God has given you, then these songs will help you do it. These songs will help you celebrate your victories and give thanks to God for all that he has done for you.

  1. Victory In Jesus – Hillsong United
  2. Amen – Chris Tomlin
  3. Stand Up For Jesus – Hillsong Worship
  4. Hallelujah! Raise Your Voice – Hillsong Worship
  5. Let There Be Light – Hillsong Worship

Praise and worship songs of victory

‘Victory Belongs to Jesus’

“Victory Belongs to Jesus”

The song “Victory Belongs to Jesus,” by Reverend Billy Graham, is a well-known worship song that describes the power and glory of God. The lyrics say: “Victory belongs to Jesus, more than any other name/And all who have found their way through Him have learned that He can save.//For all the time you feel like giving up/Don’t give in/God will be with you every step of the way/You need not fear what lies ahead/For victory belongs to Jesus.//If you want your life transformed today/Then let me tell you where to start: It’s with faith in God’s love for you./And if you’ve never known His love before then start by believing in Him now because He does love each one of us so much! And His Son paid for our sins on Calvary’s tree / To bring us victory today!”

‘At the Cross’

The cross is the place where victory was secured. It’s where Jesus died, and the price for our sins was paid in full. The cross is also the place where Jesus is exalted, because after He completed His mission there, He rose again and now sits at the right hand of God the Father.

Take some time to soak in these truths as you meditate on this song!

‘It Is Well with My Soul’

It is well with my soul

How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me

I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

The hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” was written by Horatio Spafford and is often sung at funerals, among other occasions. It was published in 1873, only two years after he lost his four daughters and his wife during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The tragedy took place when their boat, which they boarded to escape Chicago, tipped over due to rough waters on Lake Michigan, drowning all five members of the family.

Spafford later wrote down this hymn while on a train ride from Michigan back to New York where they had lived before the accident happened; he didn’t know if he should go forward or return home because his wife had died and their daughter’s bodies were not recovered until weeks later (the bodies sank). He didn’t know if God still loved him after losing everything so suddenly like this tragedy did happen every day.”

‘Victory in Jesus’

The hymn ‘Victory in Jesus’ was written by Eugene Monroe Bartlett Sr. in 1939 and copyrighted that same year. The hymn has five verses, and is generally sung to the tune “Down At The Cross” by James W. Petigru (his name is sometimes misspelled). Although it’s not clear exactly when or where this hymn was first used, it was popularized during World War II when soldiers brought their love for gospel music into battle with them.

‘For Your Name is Holy’

‘For Your Name is Holy’ is a song of praise to God, who is holy and worthy of our worship. The song invokes his majesty, power, and wisdom as well as our need for him in every area of life. It was written by Paul Wilbur and performed by him as well.

‘Revelation Song’

You can also look to the song “Revelation Song” by Hillsong United. It starts with a choir singing, “Angels and elders sing this anthem of praise / Worthy is the lamb that was slain / Seated on the throne / Holy, holy, holy.” The rest of the song is equally anthemic but less focused on worshiping God than proclaiming victory over sin and death.

He Reigns Forevermore’

The song He Reigns Forevermore is about praising God for who He is, and how He rules over us. The lyrics to this song will help you overcome fear, have faith in the Lord, and be strong in Him. This praise and worship song of victory will help you realize that there is nothing to fear because God reigns forevermore!

‘Nothing Is Impossible’

‘Nothing Is Impossible’ is a song of victory. The lyrics declare that nothing is impossible with God, and the chorus says “I know God can do anything He wants to do / Nothing is impossible for me.”

The song was written by Cindy Cruse Ratcliff and John Tesh, who also recorded it with his wife Tina for their album ‘United We Stand: What More Can I Give?’ This song has been covered by many artists including Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary and Steven Curtis Chapman.

‘Forever Reign’

The song’s title, ‘Forever Reign,’ gives a clue to its message. Just as the sun rises each day and sets each evening for our benefit, so too does God reign over His creation. We can trust in His sovereignty even when we cannot see any evidence of it in our own lives or in our world today. “He will reign forever; he has established his throne for justice; he will judge the world in righteousness; he will govern the people with equity”(Psalm 9:7).

The theme of God reigning over all things is important because it reminds us that He is sovereignly ruling over all creatures and events within His creation—including human beings as well as nature—and nothing happens outside of his control (see Romans 8:28). This truth should give us confidence that no matter how hard life gets or how dark things may seem right now, God has everything under control and will bring good out of every situation ultimately if we trust Him enough to keep going (see Hebrews 13:5-6).

For worship leaders who want their congregations singing this song during their next service or event, here are some suggestions for using it effectively:

‘Victory Chant (Hosanna)’

You can overcome obstacles and live in victory, find peace, hope, joy, strength and love in the midst of despair.

You can overcome all things! You are victorious! You are blessed! You are loved by God!

praise and worship songs of victory


  • Victory is a praise and worship song that was recorded by the Christian rock band Hillsong Worship. The song was released on their 2013 album No Other Name. The song charted at number 1 in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia.
  • “Victory belongs to Jesus” is a single released by American country music artist Carrie Underwood. It served as the lead-off single from her album Play On, which was released on September 23, 2017 via Capitol Nashville.[1] The track reached number one on both the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts respectively; it became Underwood’s 40th career number one hit on these charts (including her duet with Brad Paisley titled “Remind Me”, which reached #1 in 2011).

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