Praise And Worship Songs In Spanish

Praise and worship songs in spanish: Spanish-language praise and worship songs, 24/7 Christian radio, contemporary Christian music, and straightforward gospel messages. You don’t need a PC, an iPad, or a laptop to listen to Cristiano Musica en Espaol on your mobile device. This is a compilation of a few Spanish praise and worship song lyrics that may be found on the Spanish Christian music website Visit to find out more about the company.

Praise and Worship in Spanish | Hechos Credibles es comunidad Pentecostes, pertenece a International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), song lyrics, chords and tabs with weblog. Proveedores de material de artistas.. You can’t go wrong with a praise and worship song.

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Spanish worship songs list

Praise and worship songs are a great way to express your love for God and connect with others who are also passionate about their faith. Here are some of our favorite Spanish-language praise and worship songs:

“Mi Dios es Real” by Jose Luis Ponce

This song is perfect for dancing to or singing along to because of its catchy beat and energetic tempo. Additionally, it’s a great method to show kids the love of God! There’s Nothing Greater Than My God and “El Buen Pastor” are only two of the well-known songs with uplifting lyrics that Jose Luis Ponce is credited with creating, along with “Mi Dios es Real” (The Good Shepherd). Check out his other music if you like this one.

“Si Tu No Estas Aqui” by Cristian Castro

Praise and worship songs are a great way to praise God, but they can sometimes be hard to find in Spanish. This list includes all the best praise and worship songs in Spanish that we could find, so you can sing along with your favorite artists or help someone else learn them!

  1. “Amaré” by Salvador Duran
  2. “¡Soy de Él!” by Cristo Rey
  3. “Cantaremos alabanzas” by La Sonora Santanera
  4. “Dios es bueno” by Lourdes Robles
  5. “Mi Gloria y Mi Belleza” by Grupo Exaltación

We have a great selection of praise and worship songs in Spanish. Whether you’re looking for something to sing with your church or just want to listen to some good music, we have what you need.

We know that sometimes it can be hard to find music in Spanish, especially if you’re not fluent in the language already. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you and put together lists of some of our favorite songs that are sung entirely in Spanish. We also have a list of worship songs translated into Spanish so that you can understand them even if they aren’t sung entirely in Spanish.

Praise and worship songs in spanish

El es rey

“El es rey” is a great driving song. The tune is easy to pick up and the lyrics are pretty straightforward (with some help from Google Translate). The basic message of this song is that God rules everything and nothing can stop Him. It’s good for singing along with friends on car rides or listening to in headphones when you’re walking around town.

Yo te doy gloria

This song is only a few lines long, but it packs a powerful punch. The chorus says “I give you glory” and then goes on to list several other ways that God deserves praise: honor, praise, alabanza (praise), thanksgiving and everything else. It’s an uplifting song that you can use as part of your worship setlist whenever you need an inspiring tune that gives glory to God.

The second verse describes how God showed his love for us by sending Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross, so we could be forgiven of all our sins if we believe in him as our Savior.

Espiritu Santo

Danilo Montero is a Christian worship leader who has written “Espíritu Santo,” which translates to “Spirit of God.” The song is about the Holy Spirit and how he lives within us, so it’s perfect for any praise and worship event.


There are many different types of praise and worship songs, but one of the most important ones is Adorarte. This song talks about how God deserves to be praised for all that he has done for us and how we should worship him in everything we do. It also says that we need to remember our creator when we face difficulties in life because it is through these hardships that God can teach us more about himself, so it’s important to give thanks even when things aren’t going well.

Adorarte is a slow song with soft melodies and no percussion instruments at all! This makes it ideal for listening while meditating on God’s glory or even during prayer time because there isn’t any distraction from other sounds like drums or guitars playing loudly throughout the song (which would make it harder for me personally). If this isn’t enough proof then perhaps I should mention again: IT’S SOFTLY PLAYING ON MY EARDRUMS RIGHT NOW AND IT’S AWESOME!

Gloria en lo alto

This is a beautiful instrumental song, a true worship song, in which Marcos Witt plays the flamenco guitar. The melody is powerful and slow, but at the same time soft and comforting. It has a relaxing effect as well as being very uplifting in its message: “Gloria en lo alto” means “Glory to God on high” in Spanish (and also English).

This piece can be used for meditation or prayer and to help you relax after work or school so that you can focus on your relationship with God.

Exaltare tu nombre

Exaltare tu nombre

In a professional tone

I will lift your name up, I will lift you up.

Si tu eres mi senor

If you’re looking for praise and worship songs in Spanish, “Si tu eres mi senor” is a good place to start. This song is great because it’s simple, but it still has the depth and richness of most other praise songs. It uses beautiful imagery to help listeners focus on God as they sing along.

The message of this song is that no matter how much we go through life, we should never forget who our Lord is: He’s our savior, our provider, and he will always be there for us. We should trust Him even when things get tough because He can make all things new again (Romans 8:28).

It is important to keep praising God in times of happiness, sadness and trouble.

There are many things that help to keep a person’s faith strong, but no matter what you are going through in life there is always someone who has been through it before and knows how to get through. It is important to keep praising God in times of happiness, sadness and trouble.

Praise and worship songs are an important part of life; it is where we praise God for all the blessings in our lives and thank him for them. We can also thank him for helping us through hard times by giving us strength, courage or comfort when needed so that we may overcome them. Please pray with me as we look at some ways which could help strengthen your faith today:

  • Pray often – Psalms 145:1-2 says “I will exalt You my God! I will praise Your name forever; I will sing praises to You with my mouth.” Prayer brings us closer to God because it allows us access into his heart where only good things happen such as love, joy peace etc., therefore when something bad happens don’t give up on prayer just yet because your faith may still be tested later on down the line (ecclesiastes 7:8).

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