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Praise and worship songs hindi: We’ve been in this industry for more than ten years, and we want to be the top place people go to get Christian music. We have a sizable collection of Hindi songs of praise and adoration. I Shall Trust, Glory! Glory! by Michael W. Smith, Break Every Chain by The Clark Sisters, Sowing In The Spirit by Jeremy Camp, Lord You Have My Heart by Easter Seals, and many more are just a few of our best-selling titles. Hindi praise and worship songs are performed specifically to exhort people to praise God. These songs are filled with lyrics that describe the several stages we go through from becoming a believer to worshipping our Lord. Songs of praise and worship are an integral component of every church session.

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When you talk about praise, it means some one is revered, respected and appreciated. Praise is a verb, it is action directed at someone or something that deserves it. When you give praise to God, it is an acknowledgement, honor and respect given by the people to God for all His works and creations.

Praise and worship songs in Hindi are a great way to praise God. They have been around for a long time, and they will continue to be around for many years to come.

Praise and worship songs are songs that are sung in church, by a church choir or by a group of people who like to sing together. They are usually sung before or after the sermon or during communion.

They can also be used as an invitation song at a wedding or other special event. The lyrics of these songs can range from being very simple to very complex depending on what kind of music you want to use for your service. There are many different styles of praise and worship music available today including: gospel rock; modern rock; pop/rock; jazz; country-western; blues; soulful gospel; traditional gospel; contemporary Christian music (CCM); sacred harp singing (SH); Appalachian folk music (AFM) with roots in American folk tradition; folk hymns based on European folk music traditions such as England, Scotland and Ireland.”

Praise and worship songs are a great way to praise the Lord. There are many different types of praise and worship songs. These include:

  • Worship Songs
  • Praise Songs
  • Gospel Music
  • Christian Music The best part about praise and worship songs is that they can be used in any way you want. For example:
  • You can use them in a church service or at home with your family.
  • They can be used as background music while doing chores around the house, or while working out at the gym. There are many different types of praise and worship songs available online, including Hindi ones! Some of these include: “Aaj Ki Raat” by Sandeep Singh Ji

Praise and worship songs hindi

Kaise kaise saaz se aankho mein mere

Kaise kaise saaz se aankho mein mere

Aa gale se koi kahani sunna

Tum jaise yoonhi toh hai na tumhein pata

Kahe bhi jalta hoon, pata nahi mujhko

Andar ku Mein – Vandanam


Andar is Hindi for “within”, as in the inside of your mind or heart. When you are singing this song, focus on letting God be there in every aspect of your life.


Mein is Hindi for “I” or “me”—your personal involvement with this worship song. The more you sing it, the more God will fill your life with peace and joy!


Vandanam means “worship” in Sanskrit. It’s a great way to remind yourself that a relationship with God needs constant attention; we can’t just do things casually or expect them to happen automatically by themselves. We have to actively seek Him out and give our hearts away completely!

Raat Dhalne Lagi – Vandanam

Raat Dhalne Lagi – Vandanam

Vandana is a popular Hindi devotional song from the movie “Dharmakshetra”. The song is sung by Asha Bhosle and composed by Ravi. The lyrics are written by Anand Bakshi. The music video features an ensemble cast of popular Bollywood actors including Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal and many others. This song is considered to be the unofficial theme song for Indian cricket team during its successful run in World Cup 2007-08

Khandit Aakhandit – Vandanam

Khandit Aakhandit is a Hindi devotional song sung by Suresh Wadkar. The lyrics of the song “Khandit Aakhandit” are by Pradeep and it was composed by Pradeep. This song was released in 2009 under the “T-Series” record label.

The composer of this song is Pradeep, who has also sung it along with Suresh Wadkar. The lyrics were written by Pradeep himself and he has done an amazing job at composing this divine number that will surely make your heart melt! If you’re looking for some spiritual music then look no further than here because we’ve got everything that you need right here on our site!

Tu Hai Tu Hai Tu Hai – Vandanam

Tu Hai Tu Hai Tu Hai – Vandanam

This is a very famous song from the movie Godfather. This song is sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. It is written by Anand Bakshi, composed by Anu Malik and directed by Sham Kaushal.

The lyrics of this song are fantastic and are about praising god for his grace on us humans

Bata De Mujhe Koi – Vandanam

Song: Bata De Mujhe Koi

Album: Vandanam

Singer: Paul Dhinakaran

Music: Paul Dhinakaran

Lyrics: Paul Dhinakaran

Label: Jesus Calls

O Goriya Re – Vandanam

This song is for the Lord and it’s a prayer to him. This is a very old song and has been sung by many artists over the years. The original version was sung by Kishore Kumar, who later went on to become one of India’s most famous playback singers. However, today it’s mostly known through its cover version by Shankar Mahadevan, who sings several other songs in this list as well.

Prabhu Ke Pyar Mein – Vandanam

The song is called Prabhu Ke Pyar Mein, and it’s sung by Vandanam. The song is a Hindi language Christian worship song, which was released in 2010 as part of Vandanam’s album Vandanam.

You can listen to the full audio track below:

Is Kadar Pyaare Ho Tum – Vandanam

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Mere Ghanshyam Teri Daya Ka Hum Sagar Hai – Vandanam

Mere Ghanshyam Teri Daya Ka Hum Sagar Hai – Vandanam

This is a Hindi song from the album Vandanam. It was written by Ramakant Sharma and composed by Bhaskar Dasgupta.

Teri Daya Ka Hum Sagar Hain – Vandanam

Teri Daya Ka Hum Sagar Hain – Vandanam

Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Anup Jalota and Lata Mangeshkar

Genre: Hindi Devotional

Lyrics: Traditional lyrics from the holy books of Hinduism, the Vedas and Upanishads. These ancient texts are considered to be among the oldest in existence. The lyrics here are from Bhagavad Gita verse 12.4 where Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna his duty as a warrior on the battlefield.

This is a list of songs.

I’m going to tell you about praise and worship songs. These are the songs that we sing in church when we worship God. The lyrics in these songs tell us how much God loves us, how he saves us from our sins and brings us into his kingdom, and how he provides for our needs every day. I’ll also talk about some of my favorite songs that aren’t on this list because there’s no way to include them all!

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