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Praise and worship songs Hillsong: Songs of praise and adoration You can use Hillsong’s amazing collection of christian tunes in your Christmas service. Songs of Praise and Worship hillsong offers a window into the thousands of people who make up the Hillsong Church. This website lists a wide variety of events, including Hillsong Encore, Hillsong Young & Free, U2:360, Camp Hillsong, and countless others. The creative team behind these many events is always coming up with new worship music. Hillsong has developed into one of the most comprehensive internet repositories of praise and worship songs.

There are various lyrics to love songs. Most individuals are unaware of that. I’ve listened to praise and worship music a lot during the past year. I’ve done this because I think that praising God is the best way for us to show him how much we adore him. He will never let us down, and he will always be ecstatic to hear our songs of praise. I’ll soon let you know which Hillsong songs are on my list of top praise and worship songs!

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Hillsong is an Australian Christian worship band that was founded in 1983. The group’s name comes from the Hillsong Church, a Pentecostal church in Sydney, Australia. Their music has been produced by the Hillsong Music label and released on CD by Sparrow Records in the United States and other labels around the world.

The Hillsong Music Conference (HMC) is a Christian youth conference held annually at the Hillsong Church campus in Sydney, Australia. It is organised by Hillsong Church and held during March or April every year since 1995.

Hillsong is a Christian worship music label that has released over 60 albums. The label was founded in Australia in 1983 and has since gone on to become an international phenomenon. Hillsong’s music can be found in churches all over the world, and the church’s worship leaders are often featured on stage with the band during tours.

The band is sponsored by Hillsong Church, which was founded in 1983 by Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie Houston. The duo set up their first recording studio in Sydney, Australia, where they recorded several albums before moving to New York City in 1988. In 1992 they returned to Australia and continue to record today.

Hillsong Music has been nominated for multiple Dove Awards and won an award for Best Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year in 2004 for “All Things New.” Their song “Shout To The Lord” was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1995, but lost out to Michael W Smith’s “Friends”.

Praise and worship songs hillsong

Shout to the Lord

Shout to the Lord is one of the best songs from Hillsong’s first live album, Shout to the Lord. The song was originally composed by Darlene Zschech for a concert in 1994, but it took two years before it was released on this album. The lyrics are taken from Psalm 30:11-12 and they talk about praising God with all our hearts, lifting up our hands in worship and singing praises together with other believers.

The song was used as background music during several events including Easter services at Hillsong Church in Sydney as well as during live concerts by Hillsong United band members such as Joel Houston or Ben Fielding (among others).

Mighty to Save

“Mighty to Save” is a song written by Matt Redman from his album 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) (2009). The song was released with “10,000 Reasons.”

The theme of this song is to celebrate God’s salvation. The lyrics describe how mighty God is and how he saves us from our sins. It also mentions that no matter what we are going through in life or whatever we have done wrong, God will forgive us if we ask him for forgiveness. It says that Jesus died on the cross so that we might live forever with him in heaven someday when he comes back again on earth.

From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

Written by Joel Houston and Ben Fielding

From the album “United We Stand”

Song appears on the soundtrack of Fireproof, a film that stars Kirk Cameron. The song was also covered by American Idol season 8 finalist Matt Giraud during his audition for the show.

With Everything

With Everything is a song by Hillsong United, and it was released in 2007. The lyrics were written by Reuben Morgan, who also wrote other popular songs for Hillsong United such as “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”.

The song reached number one on the Australian Singles Charts and number one on the Billboard Christian Songs chart.


  • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
  • Oceans [Live]
  • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Studio Version]


Hosanna is a Hebrew word meaning “save”. It is also the name of a song by Hillsong United, which appears on the album All of the Above. The theme of this song is that God saves us from sin and death, which we cannot do for ourselves.

The lyrics talk about how God has come to save us from our sins and restore us back to Him. The chorus says: “Hosanna! Hosanna! We lift up Your name higher than any other.” This shows how much they praise God for saving them from their sins and giving them new life in Christ

Your love is amazing

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Hosanna / All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises

  • Hosanna, written by Brooke Fraser, is ranked number 5 on this list.
  • All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises, written by Matt Redman, is ranked number 9 on this list.

Blessed Be Your Name

The song was written by Matt Redman and Beth Redman, who are married. It was released on their album “We Believe” in 2002. The music video for the song was released on YouTube in 2012 and has received over 1 million views as of April 2019.

In the lyrics of Blessed Be Your Name, we can see a shift from focusing on how good God is to mentioning specific things that he has done for us:

  • You are worthy of all praise
  • Your love never fails me
  • And I will lift up my hands towards your holy place

These are the top praise and worship songs by hillsong

We’ve compiled a list of the top praise and worship songs by Hillsong. These are the most popular songs from Hillsong’s albums and worship albums, including all their best-selling singles.

The list is ordered by popularity, so the highest rated songs appear first in this list of hillsong praise and worship songs.

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