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Mountain Mocha, the praise and worship album, Mountain Mocha, combines 12 songs. The Praise and Worship album is exactly what it sounds like. If you are looking for songs of praise and worship to encourage yourself or lead a group in, look no further. This album has will keep you uplifted throughout the long days and nights. You will also find useful resources like”praise and worship songs list”, “100 praise and worship songs” and “praise and worship songs mp3 download”.

The award-winning, Juno-nominated, best-selling praise and worship album comes in two versions. The Deluxe Edition includes the standard album as well as additional DVD content comprised of interviews with band members about each of the songs on ‘With All Your Heart.’ This deluxe edition also includes a bonus track – ‘Mighty to Save’ which is featured in the upcoming Hillsong United Cinema movie. The Standard Edition includes the original studio album and does not include any bonus materials.

Praise and worship albums are a way to express your faith through music. They’re often used in churches and other religious settings, but you can also listen to them at home or in the car.

There are many different styles of praise and worship music. Some artists aim to create an uplifting atmosphere through their songs, while others focus on more intimate experiences. Regardless of the style, each song has its own unique message about God or Jesus Christ.

Praise and worship albums can be found all over the world, but they’re especially popular in America where Christian music is dominant compared to other countries like India or China where there are more Hindus or Buddhists living there than Christians respectively (even though both faiths have their own forms of praise & worship music too).

Praise and worship albums are a great way to get started with singing! This album includes 10 songs, each with its own unique message. Whether you’re looking for a way to praise God in your congregation or just want to sing along with friends, this album has something for everyone.

This album is especially great for those who are new to singing. It features a blend of contemporary and traditional hymns that will help keep your congregation engaged during worship.

Praise and worship album

Various artists

What is this album?

In a lighthearted tone, describe what the album is.

  • What is this album? It’s a collection of worship songs, designed to help you lead your church in praise and worship. It features 17 tracks by various artists across seven languages.*


Songs on this album are:

  • Song 1: Length – 4:30
  • Song 2: Length – 3:00
  • Song 3: Length – 3.5 minutes

1 – Reckless Love (6:24)

  • Reckless Love (6:24)

Track 1 is a song written by Cory Asbury, who also sings lead vocals. The track’s lyrics are based on the Bible verse that inspired the album title, 1 Corinthians 13:7-8. The verses read: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Love never fails.”

2 – Great Are You Lord (7:40)

Great Are You Lord is a song by One Sonic Society, David Leonard and Leslie Jordan.

This song is from their album Great Are You Lord.

It is a Christian worship song

3 – Yes I Will (5:35)

The song, “Yes I Will” was recorded by Vertical Worship. The song is from the album, Bright Faith Bold Future. The writers are Michael Farren, Rich Thompson and Seth Mosley. It was released in 2018 as a gospel song to be used for worship services.

4 – O Come to the Altar (5:38)

  • The fourth track of the album is titled “O Come to the Altar.” It has a length of 5:38.
  • The lyrics are about coming before God and submitting your life to him by praying for forgiveness, asking for his guidance, and praising him for his greatness.

5 – The Lion and the Lamb (4:17)

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This song is an amazing worship song. It was released on their album “Praise” which came out in 1999, after they had already been playing music together for several years. The Lion and the Lamb is a very deep song about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us all. It talks about how he died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give life to everyone who believes in him. I love this song because it makes me feel so free when I sing it!

Praise and worship album

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