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Poetry books of the bible: The poetry books of the Old Testament are some of the most familiar in the Bible. This includes Psalms, Proverbs, and Job. However, there are other poetic books included which get less attention. I’m going to take some time to discuss what makes these other books different from each other and also then highlight a few key points about them. The Poetry books of the Bible are Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. These books have a poetic form that is different from prose. The poetry in these books uses figures of speech, including metaphors and similes.

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poetry in the bible psalms

Job is written in poetry. It tells the story of a man who suffers great loss but does not lose hope for his future or his faith in God. It also contains speeches by Job’s friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar.

Psalms is made up of 150 psalms or hymns; each one has its own style and tone but all express praise to God for his goodness and mercy towards mankind. Psalms is divided into five sections: Book 1 – Psalms 1-41 Book 2 – Psalms 42-72 Book 3 – Psalms 73-89 Book 4 – Psalms 90-106 Book 5 – Psalms 107-150

The books of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are known as the “poetry books” of the Bible. These books contain many different genres of poetry, including praise songs (Psalms), wisdom instruction (Proverbs), philosophical reflections on life (Ecclesiastes) and erotic love poetry (Song of Solomon).

Even though these books are considered to be poetry books, they are still considered part of the canonized Scripture by most Christian groups. In fact, some Christian denominations even use them in their worship services.

Poetry books of the bible


  • Job, the book of
  • Book of Job was probably written around 2100 BCE by an unknown author who used the traditional language and style of ancient Arabic poetry. The most likely setting is Uz, a small kingdom in what is now southern Iraq (northern Babylonia), although some scholars believe that it may have been set somewhere else entirely.

The story centers on a man named Job who has everything he could want: wealth, family, health—all of these things are taken from him by God and Satan through a series of tests designed to prove whether or not Job would curse God if he lost everything he had worked for all his life.

Job does not curse God during this time but instead shows his faithfulness by remaining steadfastly dedicated to Him even when he has nothing left with which to show His love back through acts such as blessing those around him despite their wrongdoings against him–not only did this enable them (and us) to better understand why our own suffering should never cause us


Psalms is a book of praise, prayer, prophecy and instruction for life as well as history. Unlike most other Old Testament books which are written in prose, Psalms is poetry. The book’s authorship comes from David and his sons who must have felt the need to pen their thoughts upon hearing God’s voice or while they were in trouble.


Proverbs is a book of instruction, but not in the way you might think. It’s not a set of rules or guidelines for life. Instead it’s meant to teach us how to live our lives well by showing us examples of people who have already done so. Proverbs is also a book of wisdom; it shows us how we can gain understanding and insight into God’s world and His plan for us individually. This book gives us truth from God about how life works, how we should behave towards others and why those truths matter when it comes down to making choices everyday


One of the books of the Bible, Ecclesiastes is often described as a book of wisdom. It’s also a great example of how poems can be found in all kinds of different places.

The title Ecclesiastes is a Latin transliteration of the Greek translation of the Hebrew Kohelet, which means “the one who assembles.” The author identifies himself as Solomon in 1 Kings 1:1 and 2 Chronicles 9:29, so we know that this book was written by him around 950 B.C., although he may have written it later than that date — some scholars believe it was written after Solomon’s death in 930 B.C.

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon, also known as the Song of Songs, is a love poem in the Bible. It was written by King Solomon and serves as one of the most erotic books in Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible). In this book we see God’s love for his people and humanity through an allegory of human love.

The author uses metaphors to describe how God feels about his creation. For example, he compares the relationship between man and woman to that between God and his people: “You have ravished my heart with one glance of your eyes… Your lips drip nectar, honey and milk are under your tongue; no jeweler can fashion jewelry like you make necklaces from gold chains strung on cord.” This imagery works because it relates a personal experience of falling in love with another person back onto a more universal experience—falling in love with God himself.

some of the poetry books of the bible

The book of Job is a poetic book, which means it uses a style of writing that consists of rhyming stanzas and regular meter. In fact, the entire book is made up of three major strands: narrative prose (the story itself), parables (stories within the story), and poetry.

Some other books that contain sections of poetry include Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Lamantations (all in the Old Testament) and Revelation (in both testaments).

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