Judges Bible Study For Kids

If you are one of those that have been struggling to discover the true purpose of life, then this is the book for you. Our lives will always be full of challenges and difficulties. There is no way that we can go through life without facing disappointments, problems, or conflicts. It is part of life to have these challenges and every time we experience a difficulty, it allows us to grow into better men and women of God. By reading Judges Bible Study for Kids , you will discover how this book will help you grow in your Christian faith despite the challenges of life. This eBook contains various topics that you can use to become successful and reach your goals in life. What are the benefits of the Judges Bible Study For Kids? Who is the target audience for the Judges Bible Study For Kids?

In this series, we have compiled a number of resources meant to enhance your child’s faith in Jesus as well as contribute to his or her education in multiple aspects. We also plan to rotate some useful teaching tools every week so that one week they will be using them while learning with their parents and the other week they would do it through Sunday school or some sort of religious education session at church. Are you looking for a Judges Bible Study For Kids? You have come to the right place. Here is a brief tip on Judges Bible Study For Kids and why it is actually important to appreciate it.

Judges Bible Study For Kids


Judges Bible Study For Kids

Judges is a book that describes how the Israelites constantly sinned against God, and then He punished them for their sins. The Israelites were under the leadership of a judge who was appointed by God to lead them. The people were constantly sinning against God, and he would send famine, war, or plague on them until they repented of their sins and turned back to him. After each period of trouble, God would raise up another judge for the Israelites.

The first five chapters describe how Israel had already been conquered by other nations and was ruled by foreign kings. Their king had died without leaving any sons, so in order to keep their land safe from invaders, they asked an Egyptian Pharaoh for help. He sent his son-in-law who married his daughter and became their king. Unfortunately this new king didn’t like the Israelites very much because they kept worshiping false gods instead of him (Exodus 1:8). So he made life difficult for them by making them build cities where they weren’t allowed to live (Exodus 1:11-12). Then he forced all the men into slavery so that only women and children remained behind in Egypt (Exodus 1:14).

What is the Judges Bible Study For Kids?

The Judges Bible Study For Kids is a 10-week course that helps kids learn about the life and times of the judges in the Bible. Through this study, kids will come to understand God’s character and develop a biblical worldview. The study covers topics such as: who are the judges, what is their job, how did they live, and what can we learn from their example.

What topics are covered in the Judges Bible Study For Kids?

The Judges Bible Study For Kids covers topics such as:

-God’s power and how He uses it to help His people
-How to live a life that is pleasing to God
-What happens when we disobey God
-The importance of having faith in God
-How to overcome temptations and make good choices
-How to show kindness and love to others

Who is the target audience for the Judges Bible Study For Kids?

The target audience for the Judges Bible Study For Kids is children aged 7-12. The study will aim to help them understand the book of Judges, its characters and stories, in a way that is age-appropriate and engaging. It is hoped that the study will also instill in them a love for God’s Word and a desire to learn more about it.

How does the Judges Bible Study For Kids work?

The Judges Bible Study For Kids is a week-long summer program that allows kids to learn about the Bible while having fun. Each day, kids will participate in activities such as crafts, games, and storytelling. They will also have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn about other cultures.

What are the benefits of the Judges Bible Study For Kids?

The Judges Bible Study For Kids is a great tool for parents and teachers to use to help kids learn about the Bible. There are many benefits to using this study guide, including:

1. It helps kids understand the stories in the Bible.

2. It teaches kids important lessons from the Bible.

3. It helps kids memorize key verses from the Bible.

4. It helps kids apply the teachings of the Bible to their lives.

5. It helps kids grow closer to God.

Are there any drawbacks to the Judges Bible Study For Kids?

There are a few drawbacks to the Judges Bible Study For Kids. First, it can be difficult to find a time when all the kids are available to meet. Second, some of the activities require materials that you may not have on hand. Finally, the younger kids may not be able to sit still for the entire study.

Judges isn’t a happy book.

But Judges isn’t just a sad book; it’s also a hopeful book. It shows us that even when we fail to follow God, He can still work in our lives. Although the people of Israel often disobeyed God and did things their way, they were never beyond His reach. Even though they sinned against Him, He still loved them and tried to save them from themselves by sending prophets like Samuel and Eliezer (1 Sam 3:20). The same can be said for us today—we may make mistakes that hurt others or ourselves but through Christ we can always be made new again (2 Cor 5:17).

The book of Judges was written by Samuel.

The book of Judges was written by Samuel. Samuel was a prophet, who wrote the book after the death of Saul. He was also one of Israel’s last judges. The first judge in the book is Othniel, who ruled for 40 years and lived during King Cushan Rishathaim’s time (Judges 3:10). Then there were three more judges after him – Ehud, Shamgar and Deborah – until there was no king in Israel (Judges 5:31).

There are thirteen different judges in the book of Judges.

There are thirteen different judges in the book of Judges. They are:

  • Othniel (Judges 3:7)
  • Ehud (Judges 3:12)
  • Shamgar (Judges 3:31)
  • Deborah and Barak, who led Israel to victory against Jabin’s army (Judges 4-5)
  • Gideon and his three hundred men who defeated the Midianites (Judges 6-8)
  • Jephthah, who made a foolish vow that cost him his daughter’s life (Judges 10-11)
  • Abimelech, killed his brothers and took their father’s wife for himself; he was later overthrown by a woman after rebelling against God and allying himself with the Philistines (Judges 9 & 20-21)

God cares about us, even though we don’t always make the right choices.

There are lots of reasons why God loves us. One reason is because he wants to make sure that his children know that he cares about them. He wants to be there for them, and help them in any way he can.

The Bible tells us that God doesn’t give up on us even when we mess up or do wrong things. The Bible also says that God is always watching over us, even when we don’t realize it! We may not always see him around us, but the Bible tells us that if we ask him for help then he will give it to us. If we ask forgiveness from our mistakes then he will forgive those mistakes too!

The people forgot about God’s rules. They did what they wanted to do, instead of what God wanted them to do.

God gave us rules to follow so that we will be safe and happy. But a long time ago, people forgot about God and did not obey him. They did not listen when he told them what they should do and what they shouldn’t do! So God left everyone alone on earth—no more angels or animals or trees or flowers anymore because they all got sick from being separated from God too long!

Now, when you look at this story of the Garden of Eden, it might seem like Adam and Eve were bad people for eating those fruits in the first place. But remember: They were only supposed to eat fruit from one tree—and that tree was labeled “Do Not Eat!” So it wasn’t their fault; it was just some stupid mistake by someone who made up rules without thinking about how crazy those rules would make things for everyone else!

The people in Judges learned that they should have done things God’s way from the beginning.

The people in Judges learned that they should have done things God’s way from the beginning. They were not faithful to God, so He let them suffer for their sins.

God wants us to love Him and obey Him because He loves us and He is good. If we do what God says, then we will be blessed with many things in life—good health, a happy family, good friends and jobs are just a few examples!

We need to remember God and his rules every day.

God is always there for us, watching over us and helping us. He loves us and will never leave us alone. God wants to be our friend, and he wants us to spend time with him every day.

He has given rules for all of his children so that we can have a safe place where we can live together peacefully. But when people do not follow these rules, it causes problems in the family and then everyone becomes unhappy. When someone does something bad, it makes God sad because he knows that person is making bad choices which will lead them away from him forever!


This is what the book of Judges is all about! The Israelites were God’s chosen people. They had their own land and were supposed to obey God’s rules so they could live in peace. But instead, they forgot about God and did whatever they wanted. As the story goes on, we see that this led to a lot of pain and hardship for them!

We should learn from their mistakes: remember God every day, obey his rules, and do things his way from the beginning! That will keep us safe from trouble too… even if it doesn’t sound nearly as fun sometimes.”

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