Joshua Old Testament

Joshua is a book of inspiration, courage, and spiritual guidance for people of all religions, offering biblical wisdom on topics such as dealing with adversity, pride, temptation, and fear; coping with change; creating a supportive community; making the most of life’s opportunities; pursuing your goals with passion; maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle; and more.

 It is reported that after a little Christian boy showed interest in learning about the Joshua of the Old Testament, his mother who was not so knowledgeable on the topic was able to gather great resources both online and offline with the aid of family friends, by visiting local libraries, going to bookstores and with various online reviews in mind. The Old Testament, simply put, is the first part of God’s Word. The Bible is divided into two parts – the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament tells us about God’s chosen people who lived in the Middle East long before Jesus came to earth. It explains how they fell away from God because they did not obey His Commandments and tells how their descendants – the Jews – suffered as a result.

Joshua Old Testament


The book of Joshua is the sixth book in the Old Testament of the Bible. It tells the story of how God led the Israelites into the Promised Land, which they had been promised by God. The book is divided into two parts:

The first part (1-12) tells us about the crossing of the Jordan River and the conquest of Jericho and Ai. The second part (13-24) tells us about how Joshua divides up the land among his people.

It has been awhile since we have heard from Joshua. He has led his team through a long and grueling season. Now they are one win away from the Super Bowl. Joshua is reminding them of what they already know. That they cannot let up now. They must go all in and not leave anything on the field.

Josh is a leader.

Joshua is a leader in the Bible.

The book of Joshua is a good example of leadership.

The book of Joshua in the Bible illustrates effective leadership and teamwork in an organizational setting, as well as personal qualities such as courage, faith and commitment to cause or purpose.

No, it’s not a football game, but it might as well be. The Israelites had marched around Jericho for seven days and it was time to attack. The walls had fallen and Jericho was destroyed, but not everyone escaped. Joshua leads the army in a pursuit and Achan is caught red-handed with some of the city’s spoils.

Joshua had led the army for seven days and they were ready to attack. The walls of Jericho fell, but not everyone escaped. Joshua leads the army in a pursuit and Achan is caught red-handed with some of the city’s spoils.

We can read this story about Joshua and his army being tricked into thinking the Gibeonites were from another nation far away from Canaan when in fact they were neighbors and allies of the Amorites. But just because we can understand how Joshua was tricked, doesn’t make it right!

As you read the story of Joshua and his army being tricked into thinking the Gibeonites were from another nation far away from Canaan when in fact they were neighbors and allies of the Amorites, it can be easy to think that they were just being gullible. But isn’t gullibility sometimes a good thing? The Bible is full of stories where people are tricked into doing things that turn out well for them. Abraham was told by God to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering (Genesis 22). But God stopped him at the last minute and provided another ram instead. Jacob’s brother Esau sold him his birthright for some lentil stew (Genesis 25). And don’t forget David’s battle with Goliath—his armor bearer came up behind him with his sword drawn just before David put on Saul’s armor himself!

In Part 4 of our series “The Bible’s Greatest Leaders” we will learn how God was able to use a man named Joshua to lead His people into victory over their enemies and claim their inheritance in the land God promised them long ago…

A good leader is someone who cares about their people and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them through hard times. A great leader will always be humble enough to learn from their mistakes, but also confident enough in themselves that they can teach others how to lead well. Joshua was a great leader because he knew how important it was for his people to have a strong leader, so he made sure that he put himself before them and learned from his failures as quickly as possible. He led them into battle against their enemies and won many victories because of this type of behavior.

In part 3 of The Bible’s Greatest Leaders, we see how God helps Joshua conquer many of Canaan’s inhabitants at Ai, but defeats him when he takes things into his own hands!

It’s easy to think that God is punishing Joshua for his failings, but this is actually an example of how God works through our weaknesses. We can see that Joshua’s faith in God was rewarded. God uses our weaknesses to teach us lessons and give us opportunities to grow.

Joshua was a great leader because he was humble, a good listener, and a good leader himself. He didn’t have an ego like many other leaders do today!

Great leaders don’t take failure well but they grow from it

A great leader learns from their mistakes and builds on them. They don’t dwell on the past but rather use it to become a better person and leader.

Leadership is a journey of learning, growing, becoming; it’s not something that happens overnight. It requires you to be honest with yourself and identify your weaknesses so that you can work on improving them in order to become the kind of leader you want to be someday.


Joshua has grown from his mistakes and we can too if we keep learning and growing. And as always, when things get hard or feel impossible, God is there to help us.

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