Jesus in the crowd

Jesus in the crowd

Jesus In The Crowd promises to totally change your life. It is my goal that this study will set you on a fresh path and point you in a new direction.If you have an interest in Jesus, if you have ever desired to know more about Him and what He thinks of you, then I invite you to consider these blogs as a way to expand upon your Christian faith, and your knowledge of God’s plan for your life.

Have you ever seen Jesus in the cross, in a tree or even in your breakfast toast. There are many instances where people claim they had seen Jesus in different places. While some might want to believe it and some others might find it hard to accept these claims, seeing Jesus in the crowd is not new at all.

This is because in Hebrew culture at the time, it was common for people to be named after their father or grandfather. So when Mary gave birth to her son and he grew up and began preaching about God’s kingdom and saving people’s souls, she gave him this name so that everyone would know who he was. She wanted them to know that they could trust him because God had sent him just like He had sent His prophets before him (Isaiah 49:6).

Jesus is in the crowd.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement. Jesus was coming!

Everyone was talking about the miracles they had seen him perform, and the things he had said. Some were even saying that he was the Messiah—the one who would free them from Roman rule.

But what if Jesus wasn’t the Messiah? What if he wasn’t who everyone thought he was?

What if Jesus didn’t come to free anyone? What if he came to save us all?

Jesus in the crowd


Jesus in the crowd

I’m sure you have heard of Jesus, he is one of the most famous people in history. He was born in Bethlehem and lived for 33 years. He grew up as a carpenter and taught about God. He was crucified by the Romans for his beliefs but he rose again on Easter Sunday!

Many people think that Jesus was a great teacher, but did you know that he also liked to party? In fact, he loved parties so much that there were times when he would sneak out of his house at night just so he could go to one! He would even put on disguises so no one recognized him at these parties!

Now don’t worry: Jesus wasn’t just going around partying all day long. He did have some serious things going on too! For instance, Jesus often visited sick people or talked with them about their problems and offered advice on how to solve them. Sometimes he would even help them get better by healing them from their diseases!

Jesus also had many friends who were not Christians such as Mary Magdalene or Peter who was one of his disciples (followers). Some people thought these relationships were strange because they believed that

Jesus was in the middle of a large crowd.

Jesus was in the middle of a large crowd. He wasn’t alone, but with his disciples. And this was not some private gathering—it was on a boat on a lake!

All of a sudden Jesus stopped and said, “I need to get away from this noisy crowd.

Jesus was in the middle of a large crowd. All of a sudden he stopped and said, “I need to get away from this noisy crowd. Let’s go to the other side of the lake.” The disciples got into their boat and headed for the other side.’

What is the Bible story of Jesus in the crowd?

The Bible story of Jesus in the crowd is found in John 12:12-17. In this passage, Jesus is speaking to a large crowd of people who have come to hear him speak. He has just finished telling them about his upcoming death and resurrection.

Jesus begins by telling the crowd that they are like children who don’t understand what is happening. He then tells them that he will die, but then he will be raised from the dead. The people in the crowd aren’t sure how to take all of this information.

Jesus then asks them what they want him to do for them. The people in the crowd responded with many different requests, but Jesus only had time for one request. Jesus asked the crowd if they wanted him to leave so that they could worship other gods. But even after hearing this request, the people in the crowd weren’t sure if they should believe what was happening or not.

At this point, Judas (a companion of Jesus) walks up and says that he has something that Jesus wants. When Judas hands over Jesus’ purse, we know that he has betrayed Jesus because it was filled with money (which would have been valuable to someone who was poor). At this point, everyone in the crowd turns against Jesus and begins to beat him.

What did Jesus do in the crowd?

There are a few different gospels that describe what Jesus did in the crowd. The most well-known one is the Gospel of Luke, which tells the story of Jesus healing a man who was bent over with a disease. Other gospels tell the story of how Jesus fed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish, or how he raised Lazarus from the dead.

One of the things that makes these stories so special is that they show us something about Jesus that we can’t find anywhere else. He’s always willing to help out and he always has time for everyone. Even when there are thousands of people waiting for him, he never seems rushed or stressed.

What does this story teach us about faith?

The story of Jesus in the crowd is a powerful reminder that we’re not alone. Jesus is with us, always. He’s with us in our struggles and our joys, always ready to help and support us.

This story also shows us how important it is to have faith in God. Without faith, we would be lost and wouldn’t be able to find our way out of the crowd or find our way back to Jesus. But by having faith in God, we can rely on him to help us through everything life throws at us.

Let’s go to the other side of the lake.”

You may be thinking, “So what? I’ve heard this story before.” But did you know that Jesus was in the middle of a large crowd when he stopped and said, “I need to get away from this noisy crowd. Let’s go to the other side of the lake?” The disciples got into their boat and headed for the other side.

It was a dark night with no moon when Jesus came out on board with his disciples. The wind was against them, but they made progress by rowing hard all through the night until they reached their destination on the far shore of Galilee in what is now called Capernaum (which means beautiful valley).

The disciples got into their boat and headed for the other side.

The disciples got into their boat and headed for the other side. They left the crowd, which was so large that it took them three days to cross!

  • They went across the lake to get away from all those people.*
  • When they arrived on the other side of the lake, Jesus went up a mountain.

As they sailed, Jesus sat in the back of the boat and fell asleep.

As they sailed, Jesus sat in the back of the boat and fell asleep. After a while huddling together for warmth, these disciples noticed that he was still sleeping. Not wanting to disturb him, they debated whether or not they should wake him up and ask him if he could do something about this storm. But then they remembered what Jesus had already done—how he had turned water into wine and fed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread. Surely if anyone could calm these waves, it would be him!

As it happened, before long everyone on board felt himself being lifted up off his feet as if by some unseen hand; soon after came a sensation like being swept along by great speed through space itself (not unlike how astronauts describe feeling when weightless). Then suddenly everything was still again except for a gentle rocking motion from side to side instead of up and down movement as before; no one was even aware enough at first glance around them without glasses or goggles until much later that night when someone dared pluck out one eye from its socket only to find himself staring back inside his own head rather than seeing clearly outwards towards infinity; all around were trees bending gently towards us as though greeting us welcome friends home safely after long absence abroad–greetings which we would never forget!

Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat.

Jesus was sleeping when the disciples woke him.

The storm was fierce, and waves broke over the boat.

Jesus gave a command to the wind and waves and the storm suddenly stopped.

The disciples were amazed at what had happened, for they knew that Jesus is God’s Son, and God’s power is given to Him over all things on earth!

But Jesus was still sleeping. The disciples went and woke him up, shouting, “Teacher, don’t you care that we are all going to drown?” Jesus got up and gave a command to the wind and waves. And suddenly there was a great calm! Then he asked them, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” The disciples were amazed. “Who is this man?” they asked each other.

Addressing the reader directly, you should begin with a question that will pique their interest. You could start by asking them if they’ve ever been in a situation when they felt like Jesus must have slept through something important.

For example: “Have you ever woken up late and missed an important meeting? Or maybe there was a time when your alarm didn’t go off and you were late getting ready for work.”

Then ask them whether they felt embarrassed or frustrated, and wonder aloud if Jesus might have felt the same way as he slept through chaos on the sea. Ask them to imagine how it must have felt for him to be woken up by his disciples’ shouts of fear and panic over the storm raging around them: “Teacher! Don’t you care that we are all going to drown?”

“When he gives a command to even the winds and waves, they obey him!”

Beloved, do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father’s will. And even the hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things to survive until he returns for you at his appointed time! If there is any way that I can help you with this process I would love to discuss it with you today on our call . Please call me back immediately as there is no time to lose when we are talking about our eternal destinies and where they could lead us in this life!

We can trust God during storms in our lives

  • We can trust God during storms in our lives.
  • God is in control of the storm. He is sovereign over all things, including our circumstances and the crosswinds that may buffet us.
  • We can trust God’s plan for our lives and His love for us. When we are shaken by life’s storms, we often ask why this or that happened to us or others; but we must remember that God loves us dearly and knows what is best for us all. He has a good plan for every person who follows Him—even if it doesn’t seem so good at first glance! As He said: “For I know the plans I have made for you” (Jeremiah 29:11).
  • We can trust God’s promises even when they don’t seem like enough to calm our fears during a storm in our lives (Hebrews 6:18). We need only remember how faithful our Father has been throughout eternity past when He promised to save His children from sin through His Son Jesus Christ (John 3:16; Titus 1 & 2); therefore He always keeps His word even today no matter how difficult it may seem at first glance! If you’d like more information about what this means specifically then feel free to contact me anytime after reading this article/blogpost/etcetera.”


So, the disciples realized that Jesus has power to command even the winds and waves. They thought they might drown in the storm, but Jesus showed that he cares about them by calming the storm and saving them from danger. I hope this story encourages you as much as it does me!

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