Jacob in the bible facts

Jacob in the bible facts: In the Bible, Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebecca. He had 12 sons, including Levi and Judah. His name is sometimes transliterated as “Israel” in English translations of the Bible.

Jacob is a much-loved character in the Bible. He’s one of the first people to be called by God, and he has a lot of exciting adventures.

But did you know that Jacob is also known as Israel? And that he’s the father of all the tribes of Israel?

Jacob is a major figure in the Old Testament, and while he may be known as “Jacob” to most readers today, his real name was actually Israel. As a boy, he was given this name by his father Isaac after God told him he would become a great nation (Genesis 32:28).

The story of Jacob begins when he meets his twin brother Esau at their mother’s grave (Genesis 25:19). From there, it gets pretty crazy: Jacob steals Esau’s birthright; his father favors Jacob over him; Esau sells his birthright for food; Jacob marries two sisters and fathers 12 sons who will become leaders of 12 tribes; and finally, after years spent traveling back and forth between Canaan and Haran due to famine conditions in Canaan, God instructs him to return there permanently so that he might be buried with his ancestors in Canaan (Genesis 47:29-50:26).

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Jacob in the bible facts

In the Bible, Jacob is a central character. His story spans several books, including Genesis, Exodus, and Deuteronomy. Jacob is also a prophet in Islam.

Jacob was born to Isaac and Rebekah in the city of Beersheba in 2000 B.C. He had 12 brothers, including Esau and Joseph. As a young man, he had a dream that he would be punished by God if he did not return home safely to his parents’ house to find a wife there.

He left Beersheba—taking his twin brother Esau’s birthright with him—and traveled to Haran with his uncle Laban. After 20 years of working for Laban (twice as long as he had been at home), Jacob married his cousin Rachel and went on to marry her sister Leah as well.

When Isaac died, Jacob stole Esau’s birthright and gave it instead to his favorite son Joseph (who was also Rachel’s favorite son). After being reunited with Esau afterwards, Jacob reconciled with him but lost two more sons through death: Reuben and Simeon (two of his 12 sons).

Jacob is a man of many names. He’s also known as Israel, which means “one who struggles with God.”

He was born to Isaac and Rebekah in the city of Beersheba, but he was raised by his grandfather Abraham after his father passed away. Jacob had 12 sons and one daughter—and each one of them would go on to become an ancestor of a nation that would become part of the Jewish people today.

Jacob had a vision of angels ascending and descending on a ladder between heaven and earth, and he dreamed that an angel told him God would give him land from Egypt to the Euphrates River (Genesis 28). The Bible says Jacob wrestled with an angel all night long until he received a blessing from God (Genesis 32).

Jacob in the bible facts


Jacob was the brother of Esau, the son of Isaac and Rebecca, and the grandson of Abraham. His name means “he cheats.” Jacob’s story is one of light and darkness, as he struggled with his own nature as well his family, both physically and spiritually.

Jacob in the bible facts

What is Jacob?

The definition of a Jacob is “Jacob” is the new name given to him by his father, Isaac. It means “heel grabber” (Genesis 25:26). This could be in reference to how he held onto Esau’s heel as he was born and thus possibly named after that action. Another possibility is that God manipulated women’s womb so that Leah would have twins who were both boys instead of one boy and one girl, or perhaps it was an act of God making sure Joseph lived long enough for Jesus’ birth hundreds of years later!

Who was Jacob?

Jacob was born in Canaan with 12 sons, who became leaders in their tribes during Israel’s conquest under Moses (Exodus – Deuteronomy). He was also the grandfather of King David and King Solomon (1 Kings 11:21-24; 2 Samuel 7)

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You might not think so, but Jacob is one of the most interesting characters in the Bible. He was a man of faith and strength, who overcame conflict and persevered against all odds. Let’s take a look at some facts about this much-loved figure:

  • Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah. He had two younger brothers named Esau (yes, that Esau) and Issachar (no relation).
  • In addition to his lovely family members, Jacob was also blessed with 12 sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan…you get the picture! They would go on to be known as “Jacob’s Children.” And don’t worry if your name isn’t on this list — there are plenty more people named after him throughout history (even though he wasn’t all that great at naming things himself).
  • Some stories say that God told Jacob specifically where he’d end up before he even became a teenager; others show him questioning God’s guidance throughout his life….

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Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebekah. He is also the twin brother of Esau. Jacob was born holding on to Esau’s heel and this is why that part of his body was hairy.

Jacob was a trickster, liar and deceiver in the Bible. He tricked his parents into giving him his brother’s birthright by wearing animal skins and pretending to be Esau when their father asked for it.

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The story of Jacob’s life is one that has been passed down through the ages and retold many times. In this article, we will look at some facts about the patriarch Jacob that you may not have known.

  • He was born in Canaan, a son of Isaac and Rebekah who had been promised to him by God before he was born.
  • His father had trouble getting him to sleep at night because he wanted his brother Esau’s blessing instead and would cry out for it until morning came (Genesis 27:19). This led to him being called Israel or “he who struggles with god,” as he did so often during his life (Genesis 32:28).

“meta_description”: Bible facts and info about the patriarch Jacob. Key character of the old testament. Real history, not a fable or myth.

Jacob, the son of Isaac and Rebekah, is one of the most important figures in the Bible. He is also known as Israel.

Jacob’s story begins with his parents bringing him back to Canaan after they fled their homeland to avoid Esau’s wrath. When they arrive at their destination, Rebekah gives birth to Jacob’s twin brother Esau (also called Edom). As a result, Jacob becomes an only child for some time until his mother has another son named Judah (also called Judea). While still young children themselves, these three brothers begin interacting with each other and later become involved in conflicts between their parents and uncle Laban over land rights near Shechem (modern-day Nablus).

“meta_title”: Jacob, The Man Who Strives With God | Bible facts and info about the patriarch Jacob. Key character of the old testament. Real history, not a fable or myth.

The story of Jacob in the Bible is an interesting one. It’s saddening, yet uplifting at the same time and it teaches us something important about our own lives. The Old Testament book of Genesis contains the first eleven chapters and they are all dedicated to this man named Jacob who later became known as Israel (the father of all the tribes).

From what I can tell by reading these early chapters, he lived a simple life with his brother Esau until their mother died and they got into a big fight over something stupid like lentils or goats or sheep or whatever else people were fighting over back then (I don’t know). After that, Esau went off on his own while Jacob stayed behind but soon learned how difficult life could be if he didn’t have anyone around him who loved him anymore—so he decided it might be better if he pretended to be someone else so nobody knew who he really was! And that’s when things started getting weird…

“og_title”: Jacob, The Man Who Strives With God | Bible facts and info about the patriarch Jacob. Key character of the old testament. Real history, not a fable or myth.

Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah. He was the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was also the younger twin brother of Esau, which made him a real contender for being a leader in his family.

The name Jacob comes from two words: Yaacov (Yaw-kove), meaning “one who grasps by the heel” or “supplanter,” and el, which means “God.” This name refers to how Jacob struggled with God throughout his life: he would flee from God’s presence only to return again later in life after wrestling with Him at Bethel; he had dreams about angels ascending and descending upon a ladder; he deceived his blind father into giving him Esau’s blessing instead; he used deception to gain control over his brother’s wealth; and most famously, Jacob slept with Leah (the wife of his uncle) before marrying her after seven years! And all this happened before we even get into Joseph’s story!


Not only was Jacob an incredible man, but he is also a good example of what it means to be a faithful servant. We hope that by learning more about Jacob, you will be inspired to pursue a closer relationship with God yourself! What do you think? Have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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