Ideas for a church newsletter

Ideas for a church newsletter: Your church newsletter shouldn’t be dull! You should be publishing a well-written newsletter that keeps your parish up-to-date and informed about what is happening in the church. Here are some things to write about for your church newsletter.

Your church newsletter will go to many people within the church, and it is therefore a positive way of saying about the goings-on with the church and for you to provide updates as well as spread the word about events, services, etc., all in one place. Newsletters can be made from written or electronic submissions so long as they are associated with the church.

Know why it is important to write a newsletter for every church? Newsletters add a personality to your church, informing your community about activities and events. In other words, a newsletter is essential for fundraising, promotion, building relationships and volunteers recruitment. So why is it hard to manage a newsletter?

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Ideas for a church newsletter

Christian churches often use newsletters to promote their services, special events, community outreach projects, and special prayer concerns. As people become more and more disinterested in paper news and newspapers, newsletters are becoming more important as a way for Christians to promote themselves, as well as let people know about their causes. Below are several suggestions for newsletter ideas every church should consider using.

  1. Announcements: Welcome new members, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and share upcoming events.
  2. Prayer Requests: Give people an opportunity to share their prayer needs with the congregation.
  3. News from the Pastor: Keep people up-to-date on what’s happening in the life of your church, including things like new sermon topics or upcoming events.
  4. Informational Articles: Include information about upcoming events or ministry opportunities that you’d like congregants to know about.
  1. We are happy to announce that our newest member is [name]. They have joined us in the past few weeks and will be a great addition to our community.
  2. As many of you know, we are planning on holding a blood drive at our church this month. It’s an important cause and we hope that you will consider donating. If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact me at [phone number].
  3. This Sunday we will be celebrating Easter! We invite you to come share in the joy of Christ’s resurrection with us as we remember what it means to be saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone!

Ideas for a church newsletter


Church newsletters are a great way to share information between church services and keep members informed about upcoming events and opportunities to help out.

The key to writing a good newsletter is making sure you find the right balance between content that is useful and interesting without being overly long or boring. To do this, consider what kind of content your congregation would find helpful—things like upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, classroom updates, community news, announcements from leaders (such as the pastor), music updates and reviews of worship songs in the news, etc. Write short articles for each section in plain language so that readers can quickly scan them before moving on to other sections or topics they’re interested in reading about more thoroughly

Upcoming events

  • Don’t forget about the events that are coming up.
  • Don’t forget about the events that have already happened.
  • Don’t forget about the events that will happen in the future.
  • Don’t forget about the events that have happened in the past

Special outreach

Special outreach is the job of identifying and connecting with people who are in need. You can do this in a variety of ways, but the most effective ones involve giving something that you have to those who don’t have it.


  • Give out free food and drinks at your local food bank or soup kitchen.
  • Collect items to donate to local shelters.
  • Host a clothing drive at your church or business; send all proceeds to charities like Goodwill or World Vision (or use them as a drop-off location).

The key here is not just doing these things—it’s encouraging others to participate as well! There are many ways you could encourage participation: through emails sent out before events happen; via printable flyers posted around town; on social media, etc. The important thing is that everyone knows what’s going on so they can support one another by helping out themselves!

Volunteers needed

Let’s say you’re a church leader with a need for volunteers in your congregation. You can take advantage of this opportunity by including a section in your newsletter that outlines exactly what type of volunteer is needed, what skills they need to have, how long they can commit to volunteering, and where they can sign up.

  • Type: For example, you could be looking for individuals who are skilled at carpentry or electrical work.
  • Skills: Be sure to list out exactly what kind of skill set is necessary. For example, if you’re looking for someone with photography skills who can help document events such as baptisms and weddings (or even just regular Sunday services), then list out what kind of camera equipment would be required from them and any other details that might come up later on in the process (like whether or not they will require assistance uploading photos).
  • Time commitment: Most people won’t want to commit more than 20 hours per week because it would take away from their day jobs; however if there were enough demand for a particular type of volunteer role then it may make sense for churches with multiple locations across different cities or states.”

Classroom updates

This is a great way to let members know about upcoming classes and events. The list of classes and times should be followed by a brief description, who teaches the class, what materials are needed for each class, and any prerequisites for registering for the class. You can also provide information on registration dates/times and what to do if you’re interested in signing up but can’t make it on that day or time.

Featured member of the congregation

A great way to engage your congregation is by telling stories about members of the church. These can be in the form of an interview or a handwritten letter, but they should focus on how a particular person’s faith has impacted their life.

Tell people why they are special and what makes them stand out from others. How do they help others? How do they serve their community? What unique talents or skills do they have that could be helpful for others? Tell people about how this individual helps provide examples for younger generations at church and in society as a whole.

This feature can also be used as an opportunity to share other events happening within your congregation, such as upcoming concerts or volunteer opportunities available through local charities.

Announcements from the pastor

Congregants can be notified of the pastor’s schedule. They can be notified of upcoming events, sermons, church meetings and activities.

Worship music in the news

Worship music is important to the church experience. It brings people together, helps them connect with God, and can be a great way to reach out to the community or new members.

You can use your newsletter to highlight worship music in the news by including stories about church choirs or praise bands releasing new albums, playing local concerts, or receiving awards for their work.

Community news you can use (such as special events or deals in town)

The church newsletter is an excellent way to keep your congregation up-to-date with news about the community and the wider world. You can share community events, deals in town and local businesses, sports teams and weather. If your church has a social justice ministry you could share relevant events or campaigns from that area too.

You’ll want to include information about local community groups, charities or sports teams that people might be interested in joining or supporting.

Keep your church newsletter interesting and useful for church members.

  • Use the newsletter to share information about upcoming events.
  • Use the newsletter to share information about special outreach.
  • Use the newsletter to share information about volunteers needed.
  • Use the newsletter to share information about classroom updates.
  • Use the newsletter to share information about featured member of your congregation


We hope this list has planted some seeds of inspiration for you. After all, one of the best ways to keep your church members involved and eager to read is by providing them with information they care about and can’t find anywhere else. If you’re struggling with what to include in your newsletter, consider just asking yourself: “Is this interesting to me?” As long as the answer is yes, then we think it’s worth a try!

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