How to make a church flyer for free

How to make a church flyer for free: Church bulletins, posters and flyers. Examples of Free Church Flyers Templates that You Can Print Now! A strong visual impact is the central message a flyer can deliver. A nicely designed church poster can help you have more invigorated services as well as encourage people to come in. But with too many other things on your to-do list, what do you do?

Church flyers have been around for a long time and most people know what these are. These are pamphlets or flyers that are basically advertisements for churches. They include details about the events happening at the church as well as how many people usually attend these events. The flyer made by printing company is also a part of this list of church flyer templates.

Flyers are one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal. Whether you’ve collected a lot of email addresses or not, flyers can help you promote your church event. You’re probably thinking ‘I don’t have much budget’ or ‘I don’t know how to make a flyer’. The good news is you don’t need any of those things to get started.

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How to make a church flyer for free

What is a church flyer?

A church flyer is a piece of printed material that advertises your local church, and it’s usually handed out to people at the door on Sunday mornings. It typically contains information about the services that are held there and any relevant upcoming events. It’s a great way to get your congregation excited about attending your next service and inviting their friends along with them. Church flyers can be made using any number of programs, but if you’re looking for an easy way to make one without spending any money, try using Microsoft Word.

How to make a church flyer for free:

  1. Open up Microsoft Word and click “File.” From there, choose “New” from the drop-down menu (or just press Ctrl+N).
  2. Type in some general information about your church on the new page—for example: name, address, phone number—and then select “Page Layout” from the ribbon at the top of the screen. Under “Page Setup,” select “Margins.” Then change all margins to 0 points (this will leave plenty of space around all sides of your text).
  3. Next, type in all of the details about your services and events into columns on separate lines so that they are easy for people

Making a church flyer for free is easy. You can use your word processor to create the flyer and then print it out at home or at a local store. If you don’t have a word processor, there are many free programs available online that will allow you to create a church flyer without having to purchase any software.

If you want to make a professional-looking flyer, consider using an image editing program such as Photoshop or Gimp (which is free). This will allow you to add images and text in any font of your choice.

You can also make a church flyer by using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. These programs will allow you to insert pictures into your document, as well as create tables and charts if needed.

How to make a church flyer for free


We hope you enjoyed our guide to making a church flyer! If you’re still unsure, or want to make your flyer even better, we have plenty of other resources. We’ve got guides on how to write good copy for your flyer, as well as how to design a great-looking one. Plus, we’ve got tons of free stock photos that are perfect for flyers of all kinds. To get started with the intro section, use this friendly and engaging tone: Churches need more than just Sunday morning services. There are Bible study groups, fundraisers for the youth group, potlucks and community outreach programs—the list goes on! How are people supposed to know about these events if they don’t have enough time in the service bulletin? Great question! A church flyer is a perfect way to spread the word about what’s going on in your parish outside of Sunday services. And if you don’t have a lot of money or resources at your disposal, it can be easy (and free!)

Make a church flyer using our online design tool.

  • Choose a size: You can choose from three different sizes, including 5×7, 8×10 and 11×17. Each size offers a different price point and is appropriate for different types of events. For example, an 8×10 flyer would be ideal for advertising an event that takes place at the church (such as an upcoming service). A 5×7 flyer would work well for handing out at local businesses or events like open houses or food drives. An 11×17 church flyer is best used when you’re trying to advertise something bigger like a retreat or mission trip abroad.* Choose a layout: Once you’ve chosen the right size for your flyer design tool offers several layouts in which to place your text and images.* Add your own text: After selecting one of our pre-designed templates we’ll give you some suggestions based on what kind of event we think it will be most appropriate for (for example if people are invited to attend a worship service then it’s best not put too much emphasis on dates because they aren’t very important). But ultimately this step is optional — feel free to ignore our advice!

Choose the size for your church flyer and select a layout.

Choose the size of the flyer. The first thing to do when designing your church flyer is to decide what size it will be. Some churches choose 5×7, 8×10 or 11×17 inches as their standard sizes, but you can also create a custom flyer (a larger size) if you want it to stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve chosen a format for your church flyers, select a layout that will work well with that size and fill in all of the information needed on it.

Select a template that fits within those dimensions – this should make life much easier! Many sites have templates available for free download and use on their websites – make sure they’re compatible with whatever software you plan on using before downloading anything though! You may also find other websites offering user-created templates through Google searches; just make sure they’re not copyrighted by someone else before using one yourself since many people share them without realizing they aren’t allowed by law (which means breaking copyright laws).

In the editor, choose from thousands of free stock images and templates.

After you’ve chosen the template you’d like to use and downloaded it, open up the new flyer in Canva by clicking on “Create.” You’ll see that your content has already been added. Now all you have to do is customize it with your own images!

In the editor, click on an image and drag it over to where you want it on your flyer. You can also resize or reorder by clicking on the image and dragging it into place with your mouse. If an element is selected when dragging, only that object will be moved; if no things are selected, everything will move together.

To add text boxes with specific text already loaded inside them (e.g., “Events” in our example), click where you’d like them before selecting the text box type from the right-hand toolbar (we recommend sticking with serif fonts for best readability). Once positioned where desired, press enter or tab to start typing—and don’t forget about animated effects like gradients or shadows!

Add your own text, and download your church flyer for free!

  • Add your own text.
  • Add a photo.
  • Add a logo.
  • Add a contact form.
  • Add a calendar, map and YouTube video with one click! Now that you’ve got your new church flyer, don’t forget to share it on social media!
  • Facebook: Simply open the Facebook posting window and choose “Share” from the dropdown menu at the top left of the screen (highlighted in red below).
  • Twitter: Open up your Twitter app and navigate to your profile page by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen (highlighted in blue below). Then click on “Tweet”.

Church flyers help spread the word about events and services at your parish. Get started today with our free design tool!

Church flyers are an excellent way to spread the word about events, services and fundraisers at your parish. They can be used to advertise your church website, too! Church flyers are also a great way to reach more people who aren’t involved with your parish.

You can make a flyer using our free design tool:

  • Select a template
  • Choose text and images to use in the flyer
  • Customize fonts, colors and backgrounds


This guide has covered all the important aspects of creating a church flyer. It’s an important part of spreading your message, so getting it right is critical for success. You can create your own church flyer for free using the online editor from Visme, which includes a library of over 4,500+ templates to choose from! When you make a church flyer using Visme’s design tool, you have total control over every aspect of its appearance. Customize colors and fonts with just one click, and add your own images or upload photos from your computer to give it a personal touch. After you have created your church flyer in Visme’s design software, you can download it or share it online instantly!

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