How to draw a church easy

How to draw a church easy: When learning how to draw a church easy, it’s not as difficult as you might think. With some simple strategies and methods, you will learn to draw one with ease in no time at all. If you want to get the job done quickly and easily, keep reading!

Ok, you got me hooked on your internet. You made me come here, so I don’t have anywhere to go. So you kept your promise. Why don’t we talk about drawing a church easy?

I love the way abbey churches are built. They have this charm around them that makes them unique in their own way and I wanted to draw one but I’m not sure how it would look like. This post and video shows how to draw a church easy.

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How to draw a church easy

Step 1: We’re going to start with a basic shape. This will be the outline of our church. To make it easier, we’re going to draw two squares that are slightly bigger than each other. The smaller square should be about one inch long and one inch high, while the larger one should be about two inches long and two inches high.

Step 2: Next, we will draw three lines on each side of the smaller square. These lines should be angled at 45 degrees from the top left corner of the square down towards its bottom right corner (see image).

Step 3: Now we will add some curves to our drawing by drawing diagonal lines from the corners of each square towards their center points (see image). We want these curved lines to look similar in length so that they form an even pattern when looking at our drawing from above or below it.

Step 4: Finally, we will add some dots where these diagonal lines meet in order for them not to look like straight lines when looking at them from any angle other than directly above or below our drawing (see image).

This article will teach you how to draw a church.

Step 1: Draw a box with two lines going down from the top of it. This will be the outline of your church.

Step 2: Now draw another line on top of the box, but this one should be diagonal and go towards the right side of the box.

Step 3: Next, draw a triangle on top of the box using a straight line going down from where you drew your first diagonal line in step 2. The triangle should be pointing towards the left side of your box.

Step 4: Now draw another straight line that starts at where you drew your first diagonal line and goes up towards the top edge of your box. Then draw another straight line that starts at where you drew your second diagonal line and goes down towards the bottom edge of your box. These lines should intersect each other at an angle so that they make an “X” shape when viewed from above or below (see image).

Step 5: Next, draw two more triangles like those in step 3 using straight lines that start at different points around those intersections in step 4 (one triangle should be wider than the other). You can also add some details around these triangles if desired such as windows or doors by drawing smaller

How to draw a church easy


I remember the first time I tried to draw a church. It was full of angst and frustration. I thought, it can’t be that hard to draw a church! But, as with most things in life, drawing is much easier once you know how. This post will show you how to draw a church easily, step-by-step. So put your pencils and erasers away and let’s get started!

Draw the roof

Now that you have the side walls and the floor, it’s time to draw a roof for your church. There are several different types of roofs you can draw, but each one will require a triangle.

  • Draw a triangle with its base touching the top of the wall in front of it and its tip touching the ground at least ten centimeters away from either side wall (the exact distance doesn’t matter).
  • Next, draw two more triangles at right angles to each other so they form an equilateral triangle (one whose three sides measure exactly equal lengths). These two pieces should extend beyond both ends of your first triangle by at least ten centimeters each way (again, this isn’t very important). Now that you have all three parts of your roof done, connect them together using straight lines extending from their tops down past their bases until they meet up with your ground line again near where your church door will go later on!

Draw the clock tower

To start drawing the clock tower, draw a circle. Then, use an ellipse tool to draw the clock face. Next, draw two lines that are perpendicular to each other and make sure they’re long enough for your hands to fit on them. Once you’ve done this, fill in the rest of the hand with a different color than the one used for making up the clock face or background wall behind it.

Next, add onto your church’s walls by drawing rectangles around where all those windows and doors will go! For example: You’ll want one rectangle for each window in this section (there are four total). Then fill them out using whatever colors strike your fancy! The sky is really only limited by what inspires you most when thinking about how many times sunlight will shine through each window during its lifetime as part of this building…

Draw the door

So we’ve got a rectangle, and inside it are two rectangles. Let’s draw the door handle. You can make it any color you want!

In the same way that we drew straight lines for the walls, draw vertical lines for each of the doors’ panels and horizontal lines for its edges. Then, erase all unnecessary parts (except for this first line).

Draw the cross on top of the church

  • Draw a cross. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want to make sure that it’s somewhat symmetrical and well-drawn.
  • Now draw a cross on top of the church. It’s important to remember that this is an easy way to make sure your structure is symmetrical, so make sure that both sides are equally spaced apart from each other.
  • The final step is very simple: just add some shading! If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, consider adding some details like windows or other architectural elements like columns or arches (which will help modernize your drawing).

Church drawing is easy once you get started

One of the best things about drawing a church is that it’s easy to get started. If you like to draw, this is an excellent way for you to practice your skills and improve them. And if you don’t like drawing very much, well, then maybe this will help change your mind!

The first thing we’re going to do when we start working on our church drawing is choose what kind of perspective we want our church to be in. We’re going to go with an aerial view so that we can see all of the details around us when looking at how everything fits together on paper. Then we’ll use lines and arrows as guides while drawing our initial sketches before adding shading later down the road once everything has been finalized (or even during).

There are two main techniques that I’ll teach below: one is called mirroring which involves copying something already existing while changing its orientation slightly into something new; another method uses various dots or strokes which make up different shapes within their own respective areas


Learning to draw a church is easy. All it takes is a bit of practice, patience and creativity. Just follow these steps and soon you’ll be drawing churches like a pro!

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