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Harvest Sermons For Children: In order to assist you in creating your own sermon for children, Harvest Sermons For Children is a blog that offers sermon ideas and Bible verses. We present you with a list of sermon topics and a verse on each one. This is a novel technique that works well for kids’ sermons. We think it will be simpler for you to write a sermon for your child if you can choose the suitable subject for them.

You can also find topics like harvest object lesson along side extensive write ups that include topics like children’s harvest stories.

harvest object lesson

children’s harvest stories.


Jesus calls us to bring in the harvest.


A basket of fruit or vegetables.


He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Luke 10:2 (NIV)

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An elderly farmer was nibbling on a piece of straw while sitting on the steps of his modest shack. A passing stranger who was seeking a refreshing drink of water approached him. How is your cotton crop doing this year? the visitor wanted to strike up a discussion with the farmer.

“I ain’t got none”, replied the farmer.

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“Didn’t you plant any?” asked the stranger.

“Nope,” said the farmer, “I was afraid the boll weevils would get it.”

“Well,” asked the stranger, “how is your corn?”

“Didn’t plant any corn either,” replied the man, “I was afraid there wasn’t going to be any rain.”

“If you didn’t plant any cotton or corn, what did you plant?’ asked the man.

“Nothing,” said the farmer. “I just played it safe!”

Well, I guess if you don’t plant anything, it makes the harvest a lot easier, doesn’t it?

Jesus dispatched workers to bring in the crop in today’s reading from the Bible. Jesus was not referring to the cotton, fruit, or vegetable harvest. In order to bring people into God’s kingdom, he was dispatching workers. He claimed that although there were plenty of souls waiting to be harvested, there weren’t enough employees. It was exceedingly demanding job, which was one of the reasons it was difficult to locate people. Jesus forewarned that labourers in his kingdom would frequently experience exceedingly cruel treatment.

Jesus is still looking for someone to serve him and evangelize for him. That is what the church is meant to accomplish. Not always will it be simple. It will be difficult, in fact. Like the farmer in our narrative, many members of the church “simply play it safe.” According to reports, eight out of ten churchgoers never introduced anyone to church and nine out of ten never led a person to Christ.

Who are you? Are you prepared to promote Jesus and extend invitations to the church? Will you spread the word about Jesus’ love and the fact that he gave his life on the cross for people to enjoy eternal life? There are a lot of souls who need to be won over to God’s kingdom, but there aren’t nearly enough laborers to do it.

Father, we want to be faithful workers telling others about Jesus and his love. Amen.

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