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Gospel Praise And Worship


These are the top gospel praise and worship songs that are currently blessing the airwaves in Nigeria and around the world. You will find gospel music from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and more. If you want to download these songs from any of them just click on them and look for the download option.

Nara (feat. Tim Godfrey) – by Travis Greene

Nara (feat. Tim Godfrey) – by Travis Greene

If you’re looking for a gospel song that will lift your spirit, this is the one! The lyrics are full of encouragement and praise. “Nara” is a word that means “be lifted up” in Yoruba, which is an African language spoken in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. It’s also the name of a Nigerian city where many people worship Christ today. This song reminds us that no matter what we may be going through right now, our hope should always be in Jesus Christ who can make all things new!

No One Like You – by Steve Crown

No One Like You – by Steve Crown

“No One Like You” is a song by Nigerian gospel singer, Steve Crown. In the video below, he sings this song while resting on a bed with his wife and some friends. According to the photographer of this photo, the couple have been married for over 15 years now. She also said that they have been together since high school and that their marriage has been perfect so far.

Better Place – by Onos Ariyo

This song is a worship song. It was released in 2018 by Onos Ariyo.

It’s also a praise and worship song, written by Onos Ariyo and Micah Stampley, who are both Nigerian gospel singers.

Here I Am To Worship – by Nathaniel Bassey

Here I Am To Worship – by Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and worship leader. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria. In his early age he started to sing and play several musical instruments such as the piano and the guitar. He then went on to attend school at Deeper Life Bible School where he got his basic education before moving to study Music Technology at South East National University (SUN).

In 2012 he released his debut album titled “Jubilation” which was followed by “Take It All” in 2014 with songs like “Alleluia” becoming an instant hit in Nigeria. Today he is known for writing songs like “We Are One” that have been sung all over Africa by various Artists

Faithful God – by Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo is a Nigerian gospel singer who was born in the early 1990s. She is a member of the Church of God Mission International, and she is based in Lagos. She has recorded several albums, including Faithful God. This song features an upbeat tempo with lyrics that praise God for His faithfulness to mankind.

Way Maker – by Sinach

You are a Way Maker, you are a Way Maker

Your ways are so different from mine

You always see things in a new light

You’re the only one who can lead me through the night

I need to learn your ways if I’m going to make it through this life, yeah yeah yeah…

Onise Iyanu (feat. Micah Stampley, Nathaniel Bassey & Oba) – by Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey is a gospel artist from Nigeria. He was born on August 18th, 1986 to Mr. and Mrs Bassey in Lagos, Nigeria. Nathaniel started the music career in 2007 after he graduated from University of Port Harcourt with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

In 2010, Nathaniel released his first album titled “I Believe” which he followed up with another successful album “Glorious” which featured artists like Tope Alabi and Micah Stampley among others among others.

He also partnered with other artistes like Micah Stampley who featured Onise Iyanu on his debut single “Let Go” that was released in 2013. The song quickly became popular as it topped several charts across Africa including Ghana where it reached number 2 on Top 10 songs chart by Ghanaian media house GHone TV for six weeks consecutively.[8] That same year Nathaniel released another hit single titled ‘Lord Make Me Holy’ produced by E-Kelly which featured Oba Rowland; another gospel artiste popularly known for hits such as “His Majesty”, “Jesus Owe’ Me” amongst others.[9][10]

Yahweh – by Nathaniel Bassey

In Nigeria, gospel music is a big part of popular culture. Gospel artists are among the most popular entertainers in the country, and they regularly hold concerts that draw huge crowds. One such singer is Nathaniel Bassey, who was born in Lagos and began his career as a member of the Nigerian gospel group Royal Kings . He has released several solo albums and is known for his powerful voice and dynamic performances.

Wonderful Wonder – by Nosa

Wonderful Wonder

I’m so glad to be in your presence, I can’t help but want to dance. This song is about praising God for the amazing things he has done and continues to do for us. The lyrics start off by saying “you are wonderful, you are wonderful!” and then later on says “you are marvelous, you are marvelous!”. It’s a great worship song that will get you praising God with all your heart and soul.

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