Concealed carry in a church

Concealed carry in a church: Concealed carry in a church poses each American citizen a contradiction. The first amendment separates us from other countries in the fact that we have freedom of religion, and can practice it freely. This is not to be interfered with by the government or any one else. But, who’s right and who’s wrong when you get into a place of worship? To stay and be an active participant of the service or leave like you’re being watched? The right to bear arms is one that is exercised mostly in public vs. concealed carry in a church. In church, there may be people present who do not want to see firearms where they attend services because they are afraid of being shot themselves. While it is stated in our 2nd amendment that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed (Rose,2009), what if it causes harm to others even though this is supposed to be a place of worship?

Best practices are to never accept help from those who have less experience than you, don’t let strangers touch your firearm, and make sure you can identify your target and what is beyond it. Those are some of the common rules one may hear when he or she is learning about concealed carry basics. However, unlike many other places a person may carry a gun, there are certain things to consider when carrying a firearm in a church.

In the aftermath of several high-profile shootings in the United States, gun laws have once again been brought into the spotlight. One issue that has been discussed fairly extensively is whether or not churches should allow armed citizens inside their premises.

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Concealed carry in a church

The answer to this question is simple: yes, it’s legal to carry concealed in a church. This is true whether or not the church is public or private, and whether or not the building has been designated as a place of worship. However, some states have restrictions on where you can carry a gun while attending religious services.

In general, you can’t be arrested for carrying concealed in a church unless you do so in violation of local ordinances, laws or regulations regarding weapons possession. For example, some states require that concealed weapons be carried with an additional permit issued by local authorities; others prohibit carrying concealed firearms on private property without permission from the owner (which would include churches).

Also keep in mind that certain places have special rules about bringing weapons into them at all—like airports and courthouses—so if you’re planning on heading out of town for some R&R with your family but want to bring your gun along for protection purposes, make sure you know what the rules are before leaving home!

Concealed carry in a church is permissible under certain conditions.

A number of states allow concealed carry in churches, but there are rules to follow. In most states, you cannot conceal carry in a church where a posted sign prohibits it. In some states, you are not even allowed to open carry on the premises of a church if no one is there to see it—so you need to be careful when choosing whether or not to do so.

Concealed carry in a church


Concealed carry in a church can be a tricky topic, so it’s important for gun owners to understand their state laws before entering a church with a gun. Churches are not exempt from state law and each state has different requirements for concealed carry permits. Gun owners should check state laws before entering a church with a concealed weapon and churches can set their own rules that may go beyond what the law says.

State laws vary

The laws in your state will determine where you can carry a concealed weapon. With the exception of states that don’t allow concealed carry at all, each jurisdiction will have its own rules and regulations regarding firearms.

State laws vary widely on this issue, with some allowing you to carry anywhere but churches and schools while others prohibit carrying even in public places like restaurants or grocery stores if they do not have signs posted indicating they allow it.

Churches are not exempt from state law

As with other public places, the law is the same for concealed carry in churches. That means that it’s up to individual states and local municipalities to decide what’s acceptable. Even if a church has its own rules about weapons on its property, this does not exempt you from state laws.

If you’re traveling with a concealed weapon and have questions about whether or not it’s legal inside of church buildings, contact your local police department or attorney general’s office before entering any place that may be considered private property.

Different states have different requirements for concealed carry permits

Before you ask, “What are my rights?” it is important to note that there are many different rules regarding concealed carry in different states. Some states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, while other states do not require any permits at all. It is also possible for some people who live in one state and work in another state to have their weapons reciprocated (allowed) by the state where they work or go to school. Some states have reciprocity agreements with certain other states and not others, so always research your options before packing heat on your next trip!

Gun owners should check state laws before entering a church with a concealed weapon

  • Before entering a church with a concealed weapon, gun owners should check state laws to verify that it is legal to carry in that particular church.
  • The type of weapon you are carrying, whether it is a handgun or a rifle, can also affect the legality of your concealed carry in the church.
  • The type of permit you have can also affect the legality of your concealed carry. Some states have reciprocity agreements between themselves or neighboring states and allow you to use one permit across multiple locations while other states only recognize permits issued by them and not any others.* For example: If you have an Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL), but live in Kentucky where they do not issue CHLs; then it would be illegal for you to bring your firearm into another state without first obtaining that state’s respective permit.* Likewise if someone from California carried into Alabama without an Alabama CHL then it would still be considered illegal even though both parties are legally allowed under their own respective jurisdictions.* Other licenses such as hunting licenses may also exempt some people from needing one specific type of license but may still require them for others within their jurisdiction.

Churches can set their own rules

Churches can set their own rules when it comes to weapons. If you’re wondering whether you can carry your gun in church, the answer is often “Yes!” but there are some exceptions.

In general, churches are allowed to ban concealed weapons and all other types of weapons on the premises. However, if a church allows concealed carry inside its walls (or asks for permission to do so), it must post signs that state:

  • No person shall carry a firearm into this building or on its premises while this sign is posted.
  • A violation of this rule may result in arrest and/or removal from this building or on these premises by local law enforcement officers (if applicable).

Check state laws before carrying concealed weapon in a church

If you are considering carrying a concealed weapon in a church, check your state’s laws to ensure that it is legal to do so. Laws vary from state to state and even from county to county.

You should also check with the church where you plan on carrying. Church rules and regulations may prohibit firearms on the premises. If this is the case, it would be best not to carry there at all.

If no signs are posted prohibiting firearms, contact the church office and ask if they have any restrictions on carrying weapons into their building or worship services (they may still allow you to carry guns but only for security purposes).


In the end, it’s up to each individual to know the laws of their state and follow those guidelines. Even if a church allows concealed carry, a person may be in violation of state law and subject to arrest, even jail time. Each state has different requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit and sets different restrictions on when someone can legally use deadly force. We encourage everyone who carries a concealed weapon for self-defense to be aware of the laws in their area.

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