Cleansing Prayer For Home

A house cleansing prayer provides a safe refuge for everyone and a steady place for one to grow strong in faith. 

Every Christian home should not only be an abode to the Christian family but likewise to our God and the Holy Spirit. It is a must that we invite the Lord into our homes where we spend most of our time. A Christian home nurtures a Christian family but evil in our houses is not a mark of a Christian.

From the building of our house’s foundations to the moment we finally open the front door, we should ask God for His blessings, protection, peace, and joy for those who will dwell in it and even the strangers and family who will through its doors. With this, with prayers and praises to God, the house must cleanse from evil spirits and negative energy. Its roof must not shelter the evil one, its walls must not provide a room for the wicked, and its doors must not welcome evil things who are likely to chip away one’s faith.

Cleansing Prayer For Home

House cleansing is important as it is a way of inviting God’s presence into one’s home while expelling negativity in the house which might be from its previous owners, the death of someone, broken relationships, or a spiritual problem.

Further, doing a house cleansing is a manifestation of our faith in Christ and our acknowledgment that He alone can make one’s house into a home. As we cleanse our homes, we create a new start not only for the structural house but also for the people who make it a home. Likewise, it is a good avenue to ask God’s presence to be a constant presence in our houses, an ever-present help, a listener to every conversation, and the power in which we are sustained.

Cleansing Prayer For Home

Ephesians 4:27 says, “and do not give the devil a foothold”. The Bible is home to a myriad of references that speak of the importance of cleansing in the many aspects of our lives.

For His divine purposes and His glory, Jesus blessed the homes of His servants in the Bible. However, nothing suggests that a ritual took place before the blessing. God merely bestowed blessings upon those who were doing in accordance with His will.

A house cleansing is a long-standing custom in Christianity. The blessing typically comes in the form of prayer over the house, however, customs differ across religions and cultures. A house cleansing is neither sinful nor against the Bible. It is a human tradition.

The Bible neither specifies any rituals that must be performed nor provides instructions on how to bless a house. In short, we are given the freedom to perform a house blessing as a custom. We must, however, keep in mind that it is Jesus and His Holy Spirit, not a photograph or water, that bestows blessings to avoid falling prey to superstition.

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