45 Mins Praise And Worship

A worship song can be as short as a minute, or go on for several minutes. Worship songs are often played during praise and worship with singers, guitars or other musical instruments or a combination of all three. The words to such songs have been written by Christians throughout history and have been sung by them for centuries. They are written to convey the worshipper’s love for God and to express thanks for what God has done.

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45 Mins Praise And Worship

Praise and worship is a 45-minute session of singing, dancing, praying, and praising God. The participants in the session are expected to sing along with the songs played in a worship band. The primary aim of this session is to let God know how much He is loved by us.

Praise and worship is a form of Christian music that originated in the United States. The purpose of praise and worship is to glorify God, the Father. Praising God is important because it brings a sense of peace to our souls, it strengthens our faith and it reminds us that we are not alone in this journey called life.

Praise and worship songs are often known for their repetitive structure, which can include call-and-response patterns, choruses with repeated refrains, simple rhythms and a steady beat. These songs are usually sung by a choir or a congregation during church services or religious gatherings.

In this class, you will learn how to play some popular praise and worship songs on your guitar!

1.GOSPEL MUSIC: GMUSIC – Eze || @gmusic_prod

Download music from gmusic. The service is completely free to use and the high-quality songs are easy to download, so why not take advantage of it? Download Eze by GMUSIC – @gmusic_prod on YouTube.

2.GOSPEL MUSIC: BABZY – Jehovah Olam || @babzyvoice

It is used to give glory to God.

It is used to praise God.

It is used to thank God for his mercies.

It is used to worship God.

It is used to pray to God.

3.GOSPEL MUSIC: AJAYI OLAWALE BOLAJI – Olorun Gbangba || @ajayibolaji

This song has been released recently by Ajayi Bolaji. The song was recorded with the help of a gospel music producer, Segun Adeboye. This is not the first time Ajayi Bolaji and Segun Adeboye have collaborated to produce good music. In fact, they have worked together on several occasions in the past and this one might be their best work so far. This is a very strong praise and worship song with a powerful message that every Christian should hear. If you want to know more about it, you can watch its official video or listen to its audio version below:

The lyrics are very inspiring as they speak about how God loves us despite all our shortcomings as human beings and because of this love we should always do what he wants us do instead of focusing on ourselves too much (1 Corinthians 10:24-33). It also tells us that we need to trust God no matter what happens because he will never leave us alone but will always be there for us; even when we don’t deserve it!

4.GOSPEL MUSIC: MIME – Victory || @tokstymime1

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MIME Victory mp3 Download

Download Mime Victory mp3 Download

The Bottom Line: A must-have album for fans of gospel music. Winning!

5.GOSPEL MUSIC: SIMPSON SHAMSIJAY – Oyibi | @simpson_shamsijay

If you like the song, please download it here.

You can also watch the video of this song on Youtube and listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play Music or any other music player of your choice.

6.GOSPEL MUSIC: SOLO SAMSON – My Helper || @solosamsonofficial

  • Download and listen to Solo Samson – My Helper mp3 song.
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  • Get more details about the singer/songwriter, including his biography, awards and discography on Wikipedia.org


  • Youth and children’s day worship is one of the most anticipated services in the month of February by RCCG members across the world. The service is a time for youths, children and toddlers to be taught about God and his love for them. It is an opportunity to teach them about the importance of worshiping God and serving him with all their hearts all times of the year, not just during Children’s Day celebrations in February.
  • This year’s edition was hosted by Pastor E A Adeboye at Redemption Camp on January 28th, 2019 after which he went on a preaching tour around Nigeria before going back online through social media platforms such as Facebook where he shared videos from each session in which he preached live over the weekend before February 1st which marked this year’s celebration themed “The Joyful Heart” (Jeremiah 17:9).

8.GOSPEL MUSIC + VIDEO: JOSHUA NIGERIA – In You || @joshuanigeria1

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Dunamis high praise mp3 download

Download Dunamis high praise mp3 download

Dunamis high praise mp3 download is the latest High Praise MP3 Download. It’s a great way to celebrate the goodness of God and His faithfulness.

Download Dunamis high praise mp3 download

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