Catholic Prayer For Memorial Day

The Memorial Day Prayer is a prayer that should be used by people who want to give their blessing on the memorial day.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, mourning those who died while serving in the military.

The United States observes Memorial Day on the last Monday in May. Other countries have similar holidays on different dates; the United Kingdom, Canada and more recognize “Remembrance Day” on Nov. 11.

We can feel united in faith with all of those who have come before us, knowing that the promise of God’s kingdom is available to everyone. On Memorial Day, we think especially of those who died during military service.

Here are some Memorial Day prayers and blessings to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Catholic Prayer For Memorial Day

As our nation pauses today to remember those in the military who have given their lives for freedoms we enjoy, we pray you would have us all look to you for strength, comfort and guidance.

Be with all who serve in our Armed Forces. Bless them and their families. Grant your loving protection.

Let peace prevail among all the nations, O God. Especially let your mercy rest upon our land, even as we acknowledge with thanksgiving your past goodness on this country.

If it is your will, preserve the lives of the men and women in uniform as they
defend our citizenry.

Most of all, we pray that you would turn the hearts of all – military and civilian – to your holy Word where we find the true peace for our sinful souls that surpasses all understanding. Keep us repentant of sin. Move us to know, take hold and treasure your saving grace.

In this peace and hope for eternity, we pray,


Catholic Prayer For Memorial Day

Heavenly Father, we lift up in prayer today our brothers and sisters who have gone before us, sacrificing their own lives for the protection and safety of others. We are grateful for their service. May they inspire us to live selflessly in our own lives, as Christ calls us to do. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

On this Memorial Day, we pray for all members of the military, especially those who died in service to others. May we honor them by loving and caring for all those they have left behind. Give them strength and strengthen our commitment to caring for those who mourn their loss. Amen.

As we pray for those who lost their lives in conflict throughout our history, we recognize the ongoing war and violence that continues to plague humanity in many places, many forms. Today, we pray for peace, which those we honor today fought valiantly to achieve. In Your name we pray. Amen.

We pray in gratitude today for all those who have worked selflessly to provide security and safety to others. Bless them, keep them safe and help them to make good decisions. May we emulate their courage and bravery. Amen. 

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