Catholic prayer for birthday

Catholic prayer for birthday: The best birthday wishes are those that come from the heart, and the more heartfelt your message is, the more likely it is to touch your loved one in a way that no other message could.

That’s why we’ve put together this collection of Catholic prayers for birthday cards—so you can send your friends and family prayers that are uniquely theirs.

Prayer is an important part of any religion, and when you’re sending someone a birthday card, it’s important to make sure that their faith is included in the message. One of our favorite ways to do this is by including a prayer in your card.

When you’re going through a hard time, it can be difficult to know what to pray for. You might find yourself feeling like God is punishing you for something—but that’s not the case. No matter what struggles you’re facing, there is always room for hope. Here are some prayers for birthday that you can use to celebrate yourself and your loved ones on this special day:

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Catholic prayer for birthday


A birthday prayer can be a wonderful way to show your affection and gratitude for a special person in your life. You can use a traditional prayer, like those of the saints; or you can write your own personal message. If you’re not sure what to say, we have some great examples here for all types of people, including specific prayers about celebrating birthdays and prayers that are good for friends and loved ones.

For My Birthday

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for all the blessings that you have given me throughout my life. I pray that you will continue to give me guidance as I continue to grow and learn about who I am and what it means to be human. Also, please help me to do good works in this world so that others may benefit from them as well. Please help me to be a good person in all aspects of life: physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. And finally, please help me with each task I take on so that it is done with excellence and care for its outcome!

For a Friend’s Birthday

There are many ways to pray for a friend’s birthday. It can be a difficult time, so it is important to keep in mind that God loves your friend just as much as He loves you, and He will support them in whatever they do.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray for their health and safety. If your friend has been ill recently or has had an accident, pray that they will recover quickly without suffering any permanent damage. If they have experienced some kind of trauma during their life (such as abuse), pray that God will heal them both emotionally and spiritually from the pain caused by their experiences.*
  • Pray for those who are important to them. You may want to include friends and family members on your list of people whom you want God to bless through your prayer.* * Pray specifically about things like finances or career goals—whatever topics feel most relevant at this time in your friend’s life.* * Remember that our lives change constantly; it doesn’t matter whether we’re 18 or 80 years old–that’s what happens when we grow up! So if there’s something big coming up like graduating from college or getting married soon (or even further down the line), make sure any concerns related specifically toward these things get addressed in prayer too.*

For My Parents’ Birthdays

Pray for your parents’ health and happiness. Pray for their souls, that they may be saved and have eternal life in Heaven with God.

Pray for their families and friends, especially those who are struggling or lonely.

Pray for the work they do, both at home and elsewhere, that it be done well, according to God’s will.

Pray also for their hobbies and interests; if they have any pets (or even if they don’t), pray that these things would bring them joy as well!

For the Birthday of a Relative or Loved One

If you are celebrating a friend’s or loved one’s birthday and would like to have some prayers for them on their special day, here is a prayer you can use:

  • For the Birthday of a Relative or Loved One*

Dear God, it is with great joy that I celebrate the birthday of [insert name], who brings joy, love and light to my life. Thank You for sending this person into my life. Their presence has made all the difference in my life and I thank You for all their wonderful qualities that have touched me deeply throughout the years. Help them to continue growing spiritually so that they will know how much You love them and how much You desire them to develop greater intimacy with You. May they be filled with Your wisdom so that they may make good choices in all areas of life—spiritually, mentally and physically! We ask these things through Christ our Lord! Amen

For the Birthday of Someone Who Is Ill

Pray for the sick person’s health and recovery, for comfort in their suffering, for healing and peace of mind.

Pray also for the family members and friends of the sick person, who may be suffering from worry or grief.

Pray also for those caring for a loved one who has become ill—their strength will be tested during this difficult time.

Birthday Prayers From the Saints

  • Birthday Prayer From the Saints

In addition to praying for a birthday celebrant, you can also request prayers from a saint by including the name of that saint in your prayer. For example: “Saint Faustina, please pray for me on this day of my birth and help me grow closer to God through serving others.” Or “Blessed Thomas More, please pray for me on this day of my birth and help me grow closer to God through serving others.”

The list below contains some common saints whose feast days fall within the month of August.* If you don’t see your favorite saint listed here, feel free to add him or her into your prayers!*

When you want to pray for someone on their birthday, these are some good prayers to say.

When you want to pray for someone on their birthday, these are some good prayers to say.

There are prayers of the faithful for birthday mass and here is a Catholic prayer for myself:

For my birthday today I ask that You guide me in the way of truth and grace. Help me not to become distracted by the little things in life but rather focus on what is important, like Jesus, family and friends. Awaken within me a desire to grow closer to You each day so that I may serve others as they were meant to be served through Your love. Amen


Catholic prayer for birthday

When you want to pray for someone on their birthday, these are some good prayers to say.

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