Catholic prayer for baptism

Catholic prayer for baptism: There are many ways to be a good Christian. One of the easiest is by being baptized.

Baptism is when you are put in water and then you get cleansed from sin. It’s a way for God to cleanse your soul, so that you can start a new life with him.

When you are baptized, it means that you are giving yourself to God, and sacrificing yourself to him as well. You are promising to follow him, even if it means giving up your own desires and needs.

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Catholic prayer for baptism

Baptism is very important because it gives us a chance to start over again with God! Have you ever done something wrong and wished that you could just erase it? Well this is what baptism does! It erases all of the bad things that have happened in your life, so that they will not be counted against you anymore when we go before God on Judgment Day!

When you’re baptized, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside you. This is what makes you a Christian, and it’s an incredible gift. But the experience can also be overwhelming—especially if this is your first time being baptized!

So what should you expect? Here are some prayers to help guide you through your baptismal journey.

Catholic prayer for baptism


At the baptism of your child, let parents, godparents and guests know that this celebration is a prayerful event. The following prayers may be used at various times during the service:

For newborn babies

Baptism is a celebration of God’s gift of new life. It is also a sign of God’s love and grace, forgiveness, welcome and call to discipleship. The word baptism comes from the Greek word baptizo which means “immerse” or “dip”; it describes the pouring or sprinkling with water over the head while saying “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Baptism has been practiced since Jesus began his ministry on earth (Matthew 3:13-17). Baptism washes away our sins (Acts 22:16) because it unites us with Christ who died for us as we were baptized in his name (Romans 6:3-4). By being baptized into Christ we become members of his Body which is called The Church (1 Corinthians 12:13).

For older children

For older children, try the following prayer:

  • I give thanks to God for choosing me to be baptized. I promise to live as Jesus commands and love others as he has loved me. I am ready to receive this sacrament in order that I may become a member of Christ’s Church and continue on the path of faithfulness until my last breath on earth. Amen
  • You can also add these lines:
  • Please guide me always in living my new life in Christ, so that all may see how much you have done for me by calling me into your Church today.

For adults

Here are the prayers you can use to pray during a Catholic baptism ceremony. These are the prayers that are said by the priest or minister before and after your baptism to ask God to bless your new faith journey.

  • Prayer Before Baptism: Father, You are our Almighty Creator and eternal God. We thank you for giving us life as human beings and making us in Your image. We praise You for Your infinite goodness which has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who gives new life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  • Prayer After Baptism: Dear Father, we lift up to you these children who have been baptized into Your family today through water, fire and spirit; may they grow strong in their faith so that they may always remain faithful members of Christendom; through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives with You forevermore Amen

Good prayers to say at a christening or baptism.

Before the baptism, it is traditional to say the Prayer of St. Francis, which has been associated with baptism since at least the 8th century. The prayer can be said in English or Latin (in which case it is called the Canticle of Brother Sun).

You may also wish to include other prayers from Christian traditions that you identify with. For example, some Christians might recite a psalm from their own tradition before or after this prayer by St. Francis; others might choose Psalm 100 as a way of bringing together two ancient traditions: one Jewish and one Christian (the first verse reads: “Make a joyful noise unto God”).


When attending a baptism, the best way to show support for the child and parents is through prayer. Prayer brings the family closer together and allows the child to feel your love. The process of baptism is not easy for either side, so it is important that you offer all prayers possible before, during and after.

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