Catholic prayer for bad weather

Catholic prayer for bad weather: When the weather is bad, we tend to stay inside. We turn on the TV and watch a movie. We play video games. But what do you do when it’s raining outside?

I’m not talking about a light rain that’s just enough to feel refreshing and cool. I’m talking about heavy rain, the kind where it feels like the storm clouds have come down from the sky and are hovering over your head. The kind of rain that makes you question whether or not it’s even worth going outside to get your mail—and then decides for you by making sure that by the time you get there, your mailbox is overflowing with waterlogged letters and bills.

And if somehow you manage to make it out of the house without getting drenched before you even get halfway across your lawn? Well, good luck finding something fun to do! There’s no way you’re going to want to go out when it’s pouring like this. You’d probably be better off staying home and watching Netflix or something instead.

But what if there was some sort of prayer we could say while we’re stuck inside? Something that would make us feel safe and protected even though it looks like we’re trapped in a storm

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Catholic prayer for bad weather


I never thought about praying for good weather before I lived in Florida. When I lived in Wisconsin, I didn’t pray for a certain amount of snow or that the temperature would be a certain number of degrees. Now that I live in hurricane country, however, every time bad weather is on the horizon, my first reaction is to pray for safety and peace. No matter what kind of storm you’re living through—whether it’s a physical storm like severe weather or an emotional storm like a death in the family—you can find comfort and solace by saying this prayer together with your family:

Prayer for safety from storms

You may want to add this prayer as well:

“O God, who through water and the Spirit didst bless the first creation of man; grant that we may use this element in an orderly and fruitful way, so that those things which grow upon the earth may be changed into food for our bodies. Through Christ our Lord.”

This prayer reminds us to seek the grace of God in good and bad times

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have to help us through difficult times. Prayer can give us strength, guidance and protection from bad weather. God wants to hear from you, so make sure you pray often.

When you’re praying for bad weather, it’s important to remember that we must always have hope in God and pray with sincerity. We should also remember that there may be some situations where God doesn’t answer your prayers immediately because he has something greater planned for your life than what you’ve asked for right now. This prayer reminds us that no matter what happens in life or how tough things get, there will always be someone watching over us: our Father who art in heaven!


In the midst of your prayer, think about how God is leading you through the storm. As bad as it may seem, in God’s eyes it will bring you closer to him. And as we heard from Bishop Barron, this can be done by turning inward and contemplating on your life. This simple lesson has helped me many times throughout my journey with Christ and I hope it makes a difference for you too!

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