Candle prayer for money

Candle prayer for money; If you’ve ever wanted to make more money, this blog is for you.

Today we’re going to talk about how to use candle prayer to get what you want from the universe. The first thing you’re going to do is find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes. This can be in your home, or if you work from home, it could be in your office or workspace. Once you’ve found your peaceful spot, light a white candle and place it in front of you. Next, take out a piece of paper and write down all of the things that money would allow you to do (examples: pay off debt, buy a house/car/motorcycle/yacht). Then say aloud: “I pray that my wish comes true.” Then blow out the candle and put everything away – no need for any more ritual at this point! Now go back to doing whatever it was that needed your full attention before starting this exercise (maybe check Twitter?)

The next time the thought comes into your mind that maybe money is holding back something good from happening in your life – remember this exercise! It’s not just about getting

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Candle prayer for money

The candles are lit, the incense is burning, and you have your favorite song on repeat. It’s time to pray for money.

Why do we pray? We pray because we want something more than our current situation. We want more money, better health, a new job—whatever it is that will make us feel like we can breathe easier. The truth is that there are no guarantees in life, but we can take steps in the right direction by changing our thoughts and actions. And when it comes to manifesting what we want out of life, nothing works better than prayer does!

So if you’re ready to start manifesting all the things you’ve ever wanted in life—and you know that prayers work—then let’s get started!

Candle prayer for money


Setting intentions is an important part of the spiritual practice of manifesting money in your life. However, you can’t just set any intention and expect to see the results you’re looking for. You need to combine a clear intention with focused prayer. Today I’m going to share a candle prayer for money that will help you put this powerful combination to work in your own life.

Money is one of the most common requests people pray for, and blessing a green candle with special prayer can help you focus your efforts to bring wealth into your life.

The color green is associated with prosperity and growth. This makes it an ideal color for a candle to bring in money, as these are two things that go hand in hand.

You can focus on this intention by blessing your green candle with special prayer. Light the candle and say something like:

Green is the color of growth, so I call upon this flame to grow my wealth into a big garden of prosperity! May my life be rich with abundance!

First, light a candle, then read or recite an appropriate prayer.

  • Light the candle.
  • Read or recite an appropriate prayer, such as the following:

“God, I pray that you guide my financial path and help me make good choices with money so that I can live a life of abundance and abundance.”

You begin by lighting a green candle to call upon the power of the three wise men and the goddess Kuan Yin to bless you with prosperity.

You begin by lighting a green candle to call upon the power of the three wise men and the goddess Kuan Yin to bless you with prosperity.

You can do this while meditating, or just sitting in silence. Once your candle is lit, envision yourself surrounded by peace and prosperity. Imagine this as vividly as possible; if you’re having difficulty visualizing, take out your pen and paper (or open up MS Paint) and draw yourself surrounded by peace and prosperity, imagining that you have everything that makes you happy in life: money in your bank account, loved ones around you all day long, good health…whatever it is that makes you feel like everything is going smoothly for you! If there are things that make up stressors in your life now—relationship troubles or job worries—try focusing on how much better off they will be once those things get sorted out.

You then repeat these words seven times, visualizing being surrounded by wealth and abundance in order for the prayer to be effective.

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The following is an adaptation of this prayer that you can recite as part of your own spiritual practice in pursuit of money and success.

  • Use a green candle.
  • Use a green candle holder.
  • Use a green candle wick.
  • Use green wax to make the candle.

Bless candles with green wax or place them near emerald gemstones to increase their power.

Green candles are used in many religious practices, including Christianity and Buddhism. In Christianity, green is the color of nature and represents the goddess Kuan Yin. The three wise men who visited baby Jesus also carried green candles during their journey to Bethlehem.

Green candles are associated with the element of earth because they can help you bring your dreams into reality by providing stability and balance in your life. They create a safe space for meditation and healing, making them perfect for rituals involving money spells!


The power of prayer has been well established throughout history, and there are many examples from different religions to draw inspiration from. To invoke the strength of the divine in your own prayers, consider using candles that have been blessed with a specific prayer or ritual. This is especially true if you’re praying for money because green represents prosperity in both Christianity (through St. Joseph) as well as Buddhism (through Kuan Yin). In this way, your candle will serve as a focal point for all the energies you want to bring into your life!

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