Brave Church Service Times

Brave church service times: Greetings from brave church! We are ecstatic that you have decided to join us. We are aware that picking a church might be difficult. There are times when it seems impossible to determine which is best for you. But don’t worry, we have some advice to help you make a decision:

1) Look at how long they’ve been around. Any church that’s been around more than 30 years has got to be doing something right.

2) Check out their website. Do they have a link for upcoming events? If not, what is this church even doing? If they’re not trying to connect with people, then why should you go there?

3) Go see what people are saying about them online—especially on Instagram and Twitter! See if anyone has posted photos of their experience at the church (or if they’ve tagged #bravechurch). If they haven’t done either of those things, why would they want someone who doesn’t post much on social media or take pictures of themselves?

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Brave church service times

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Brave Church Service Times

  • Sunday: 9:30am – 10:15am
  • Youth Bible Study (North Campus): 6-7pm

Braver North is located in Brentwood, TN.

Sunday Mornings (Main Campus)

Brave Church is a multi-site church with three campuses in the Des Moines Metro area. Our main campus is located north of downtown Des Moines. We have two additional campuses that service our community on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

The Brave Church worship service times are as follows:

  • Main Campus – Northridge Campus (6200 NE 63rd St, Des Moines, IA 50313) – 9a & 11a
  • Ankeny Campus (1803 SE Delaware Ave Suite A4, Ankeny, IA 50021) – 10a & 12p
  • Urbandale Campus (3100 SW Urbandale Dr Suite 1001B, Urbandale IA 50322) – 8a

9 AM – First Service (Brief worship, followed by a teaching)

  • What is worship? Worship is giving our best to God. It’s the time when we give Him our attention and focus on Him.
  • What is the difference between worship and praise? Praise can also be part of worship, but it doesn’t always have to be. Worship focuses on what God has done for us, while praise focuses on what we see as positive attributes about God or ourselves (like “I am so grateful for…[insert name here]”).
  • What is instruction? A teaching is when someone discusses a biblical passage in relation to their personal experiences or how they apply it to their daily lives. A sermon’s fundamental distinction from a teaching is that sermons are typically lengthier and frequently contain more Scripture references, yet both convey information about Jesus Christ.
  • Are there different kinds of teachings? Yes! There are many different types of teachings:

10:45 AM – Second Service (Brief worship, followed by a teaching)

If you’re looking for a church service that’s more about worship and less about teaching, Brave Church is the place for you! We offer two services on Sunday mornings: one at 8:30 AM and another at 10:45 AM. The second service features “Brief Worship” followed by an inspirational teaching from our lead pastor or one of our staff members.

We also have a youth Bible study every Tuesday night from 6-7 PM called Brave City (ages 11-18). Come learn more about God while having fun with other teens in your area!

5 PM – Brave North Youth Bible Study

Join us at 5:00 PM on Sunday evenings for Brave North Youth Bible Study!

You can expect to hear stories from church history, reflections on spiritual disciplines and practices, and teachings that help you learn more about God’s Word. Our goal is to make this a place where you can grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and live out the gospel every day.

In order to find us, take the elevator down one floor and look for Room 11 (it’s right next door). We’ll be waiting!

Come and join us this weekend!

You and your family are welcome to attend a church service! This weekend, join us at 10:15 or 12:15, or get in touch at 2:00. Consider enrolling in our brave north youth bible study, where we explore God’s word together, if you want to advance spiritually. We also provide an unique program called “Brave Moms” on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. for mothers with children 3 years old or younger. Please review the details listed below so that you can arrive ready to witness God at work through His people.

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