Birds Of The Bible

Birds Of The Bible: Birds are important to the Bible. They are mentioned in the Bible more than any other animal, and they play a wide variety of roles.

In many cases, birds are used to represent people or groups of people. For example, in Psalms 91:1-4, God says that he will protect us from all our enemies—even from birds! This means that if a bird comes near us, we don’t have anything to worry about because God will protect us from harm by that bird no matter what kind it is or how big it might be.

In other places, birds are used as symbols of peace and tranquility. Examples include when Jesus was born in Luke 2:8-14 (where the angels told the shepherds that “peace on earth” had come), when Jesus preached his Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:3-12 (where he told us not to worry about what other people think of us), and when the disciples were sent out into the world in Mark 6:7-13 (where Jesus told them not to worry about food or shelter).

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Birds Of The Bible

Birds can be found throughout the Bible. From the dove sent by Noah to find land after the flood, to the birds of prey that God sent to destroy the locust swarms in Egypt, these winged creatures have a place in the story of God’s people.

In Genesis 1:20-21, God creates birds as well as all other living things on Earth. In Psalm 104:12-13, birds are seen as reflections of God’s glory and majesty. In Isaiah 40:31, the prophet declares that God will renew His strength like the eagle’s flight; this is represented by birds flying at high altitudes with their wings spread wide open. And in Revelation 4:6-8a, John describes seeing four living creatures covered with eyes before him; two were like lions (representing power), one was like an ox (representing strength), and one was like an eagle (representing swiftness).

So what does this mean for us? It tells us that we shouldn’t fear our enemies or those who seek to harm us; instead we should trust in God’s guidance and protection so that He may use us to do His work on Earth!

Birds Of The Bible


Birds show up in the Bible a lot. Would you believe that there are around 300 references to birds in the Bible? You may not know many of the birds that are mentioned by name, but consider this: where would Noah have been without his dove with an olive branch? Or what about Jesus comparing us to birds when he says, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” [Matthew 6:26] That’s just two examples of how powerful these avian students can be! In this article, we’ll explore why God chose to reference such winged creatures so much—and what he was trying to teach us through their existence.

Birds in the Old Testament

Birds are typically associated with the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit is a symbol of God’s power and presence, and birds are often associated with this power. A bird is also a symbol of life, and much like the Holy Spirit gives life to all things, it could be said that birds do as well.

The Bible also uses birds as an analogy for people who follow false gods or false prophets, such as when Jeremiah tells his people: “Thus says Jehovah: Even so will I break this people and this city like one breaks a clay pot that cannot be repaired” (Jeremiah 19:11).

Birds in the New Testament

If you’re looking for birds in the New Testament, they symbolize the Holy Spirit and resurrection. In John 3:5, John the Baptist says that “the wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound but do not know where it comes from or where it goes; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” This leads us to believe that birds are representative of God’s guidance and His love for us. They can also represent our connection to Heaven when we die, as a bird has been known to fly out of someone’s mouth after death (think Shakespeare).

In Matthew 24:28-30 Jesus tells his disciples “And immediately after those days shall the sun be darkened…And then shall appear the sign of The Son of Man in heaven: And then shall all tribes of earth mourn…And He will send forth His angels with A GREAT TRUMPET, and THEY SHALL GATHER TOGETHER HIS ELECT FROM THE FOUR WINDS” Here we see that Jesus likened his return to a great trumpet calling together all his elect from every corner of this earth. Yet again I feel like this fits perfectly with my theory that birds represent God leading us into eternity.

What do birds mean?

If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit is your guide and comforter. Birds often symbolize the Holy Spirit in Scripture and many Christians believe that birds are also representative of their own souls.

Birds symbolize freedom, hope, faith and love. We can find these themes throughout Scripture from the beginning of creation when God created Adam to be his companion on earth through to today where people around the world celebrate Easter each year by painting eggs in vibrant colors and sharing them with friends and family members during special meals.

What can we learn from birds?

  • Birds are often a symbol of the Holy Spirit
  • Birds are often a symbol of peace and freedom
  • Birds are often a symbol of resurrection, hope and joy

Birds in the Bible bring us lessons.

Birds are an important symbol in the Bible. They represent many different things, but most importantly, they remind us that God is sovereign over His creation and we should trust Him with our lives.

Birds are a symbol of the Holy Spirit because they fly free from the ground and soar through the air. They also represent God’s presence because when you look up at them, you see His majesty within their wingspan. In addition to these lessons, birds show us freedom from sin as well as resurrection when they take flight after being born out of an eggshells or nests on earth (Matthew 6:25-34).


God uses birds to help us learn lessons, and He shows us how we can be like birds. Birds are a reminder that God cares for the smallest of creatures—He even knows when a sparrow falls from the sky! We also see that God teaches us lessons from birds. Whether it’s showing us how important it is to depend on Him for our needs, reminding us about His promise of eternal life, or giving an example of what faith looks like in action, God speaks through these tiny creations. Finally, we see that He wants us to be like them in some ways too: trusting Him without fail and relying on Him in all our needs.

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