Bible study on 2 samuel

Bible Study on 2 Samuel is an article which helps the readers to understand the contents of this particular book and its use in the Bible. The writer has tried to simplify the contents of this book by providing a better understanding of it for the readers.

You’ve got your Bible and the notes from today’s sermon, now all you need are a few places in 2 Samuel that you can use to dig deeper for Bible study. There are a lot of references you could use, but in this post we’ll discuss a few key spots to get started. This is what I like to call Deepening Your Delight before moving on to Straighten the Creases in the Sermon

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bible study on 2 samuel

The book of 2 Samuel is a continuation of 1 Samuel and picks up after the death of King Saul. In this study, we will look at how the Lord worked through David to bring about His purposes in Israel.

2 Samuel


The second book in both the Hebrew and Christian Old Testaments is the book of 2 Samuel. It is an extension of the narrative that began in 1 Samuel and details how God appointed Saul to rule Israel. David was appointed king by God because Saul was unfaithful to Him.

After David’s long reign as king of Israel came to an end, Solomon, his son, ascended to the throne. Solomon built a magnificent temple for God and gave him everything he requested, including all the gifts that visitors from other countries brought. The book concludes with a depiction of how Rehoboam, Solomon’s son and the next monarch, too disobeyed God.

2 Samuel is the second book of the Bible. It chronicles the reign of King David and his son, King Solomon, as well as their relationships with God and their enemies.

The book opens with the birth of David and his friendship with Saul, who would eventually become king. David succeeds Saul as king after the latter is killed in battle, but he is not yet prepared for the role. He engages in combat with various countries and returns to Israel with numerous captives. They do, however, lose a lot of men in the process.

Later on, David has an affair with Bathsheba and has her husband killed so that he can marry her—and this brings about his downfall. He repents of his sin and tries to make things right again before God forgives him. But then David’s son Absalom rebels against him because he wants to be king himself!

2 Samuel

  1. Who was David?
  2. Why did he need to be a king? Why was Saul not enough?
  3. What was the first thing that David did as king?
  4. How did Saul react to this news? What did he say to David?
  5. How did David respond to Saul’s reaction? Did he say anything in response?
  6. What happened next in chapter one?

In the book of 2 Samuel, we see how David, who was anointed as king by Samuel, grows and develops as a leader over the course of his reign. It’s important to note that David did not always make right decisions—he was human, just like us. But he did learn from his mistakes and grow into a great leader.

David’s first major decision as king was whether or not to kill Saul’s son Jonathan, who had sided with David against Saul. In this situation, David decided not to kill Jonathan even though he was clearly in the wrong. This shows us that David was able to see past a person’s wrongdoings and recognize that they were still worthy of love and mercy (even if we don’t agree with their actions).

David also demonstrates his ability to be merciful in another instance when he spares Saul’s life after Saul had tried to kill him several times before this point. We see here that David was able to forgive someone who had done terrible things against him because he knew it wasn’t truly in Saul’s nature—it was just something that happened due to how much pressure Saul had been under from those around him at the time (which included being haunted by dreams).

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