Bible names Old Testament

Bible names old testament: The Bible is the best-seller in the world and has been translated into more than 2500 languages and dialects. It has also been published in millions of copies. From the very first verse (Genesis 1:1) to the last verse (Rev 22:21), it is all about stories, events, characters and their roles and so on. No matter how many times you have read this book, you may still not have discovered half of its treasures.

If you are looking for the value of Bible names Old Testament then you are at the right place. Here you can find the answer to your question – Bible names Old Testament. The Bible is the best selling books in all over world. It was written centuries ago but still people are crazy for Bible as it has powerful life changing message about God and Christ which gives birth to salvation, hope, and love. If we talk about its impact on world then this book has more than any other book which makes Bible more familiar name in all over world.

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Bible names Old Testament

Old Testament Bible Names

Abiathar, Ahimaaz, Ahithophel, Amasa, Amos, Asa, Ashael, Azariah, Barak, Barzillai, Bathsheba, Berekiah, Bileam (the prophet), Caleb (the spy), Cain (the first murderer), Caleb (the spy), Cushan-rishathaim (king of Mesopotamia), Daniel (the prophet), David (king of Israel), Elihu (interlocutor in Job’s speeches), Eliphaz (friend of Job), Eliphas (son of Esau and father of Amalek), Elisha (prophetess), Eliud (son of Nun and brother of Moses), Enoch (patriarch who was translated to heaven without dying) Enosh (patriarch who lived after the Flood)

The Old Testament of the Bible is a collection of literature that was written by Jewish religious figures and scholars over the course of almost a thousand years beginning in 1400 BCE. It contains several different types of writing, including historical texts, poetry, and religious texts.

The Bible is a book that contains many names, both common and uncommon. The names are often derived from places, people, and animals. Some of the most common Bible names are Adam (man), Eve (life), Seth (appointed), and Cain (to acquire).

In the Old Testament, these names include:

  • Adam (man)
  • Abraham (father of many)
  • Sarah (princess)
  • Isaac (laughter)
  • Jacob (heel catcher)

Abijah, Abishua, Ahaziel, Ahiezer, Ahira, Ahiram, Ahithophel, Amasa

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